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Dear Long-Time Fellow Health Enthusiasts:

This article is not meant for you. Till next time, thank you.

Attention All Fair-weather Health Enthusiasts:

You don't have to immediately give up all the foods you're used to eating to become healthier and start eating raw, organic and live foods. Although, it is the best way to go diet-wise, some people are unable to adjust right away. I have found a way to ease you into a healthier lifestyle on a gradual and more natural basis.

 You know the best place to start changing your life and your diet?  It's at the grocery store! Even if you're at a good weight and fairly healthy, take a tip from the health nuts (yours truly included). Go shopping with a list and don't go to the grocery store hungry.

 Find a good energy-rich food to snack on like raisins or currants with nuts like almonds or peanuts. Usually a fistful followed by a full glass of water will suffice to stifle hunger pangs. This way you can make sure that on your next shopping trip you can resist those chocolate chip cookies and potato chips.

  • Target your refrigerator and your cabinets by clearing out anything that has more than ten ingredients listed on the bag or box. In short, throw out the half-empty bags of snack foods. Put any microwaveable foods in a dark bag and stash them somewhere in the back of the freezer (or, if you dare, throw them away).

  • Stock up on dried fruits and nuts for occasional snacking. Transform your kitchen from a junk food cantina into a truly healthy food haven. Juicing is a good starting point for changing your lifestyle as well. Juicing also can help in losing weight rapidly and naturally. Investing in a good juicer is invaluable. Did you know your fridge’s crisper drawers can hold organic produce and raw foods and not just your favorite processed sandwich meats?

  • Load up on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If you just can't give up on meat and fish, consider getting super fresh tuna or mahi mahi that you can just sear and serve with sesame seeds and fresh fruit-based chutney. A lightly seasoned boneless, skinless chicken breast baked and served with an ounce or two of brown rice & steamed veggies is quite filling as well.

  • Go to a bookstore and get a cookbook or a food book so you can learn about eating raw foods.

Try investing in those big, white square dishes that are good for serving sushi. It's easier to arrange small portions of different foods that way. Purchasing new white dishes can be a symbol of your new, healthier way of eating. These are but small steps on the road to total health, but they can get you started in the right direction. Good luck and good eating!


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