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As you all know, one of my main objectives here on "KurtMIND" is to help those of us that are interested in improving their health. There are many paths to take toward this goal and I try to offer a few options for you. I regularly read about health problems that are plaguing the masses at large worldwide. One of the biggest issues out there is toxicity. People want to know how to detoxify properly


You can find the definition of the word toxicity as "the state of being toxic or the degree to which a substance is toxic".  What makes one toxic? 

Pollutants of course! Pollutants are defined as: "typically artificial substances, such as GMO products, pesticides, PCBs, and certain petroleum by-products that may occur in harmful concentrations in a given environment."


Each day we are exposed to numerous pollutants in our environment through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. I'll be the first to admit that there is precious little we can do about exposure as a whole, but we do have a choice about how our bodies fight off these "bio-invaders".


 It cannot simply be ignored anymore, we need solutions. I get questions from friends and family almost weekly about how to detox safely. I can only suggest to you ideas and/or programs that I have seen or heard of that may help. You ultimately are your best judge for what works for your body and lifestyle. Choose wisely my friends. 



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