A Smart Way To Shop

This will be real short. I nearly forgot to provide a link to this latest article I've posted on IdeaMarketers. It is part of another series I am starting called "Eating Healthy". Check it out here and let me know what you think. Thanks again for reading.

(Update 11/27/12: Please be aware that "Idea Marketers" has changed it's name to "Ignite Point". As a result, some archived articles have been deleted due to new rules & regulations imposed by their editorial staff. After working with various article submission sites starting in Spring 2012, I deemed it was more advantageous to provide quality articles to a more centralized audience via blogging & to forego posting to the numerous submission sites I was/am a member of. I have decided to remove the former link to prevent any confusion. I will be resubmitting the same content for your reading enjoyment on one of the other blogs I have planned for 2013. Thank you so very much for being a faithful audience.)   


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