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First Question!!!!

I received an e-mailed question from a blog reader named "Mayra182" asking "What is the easiest way to get rid of lower stomach fat?" (reprinted with poster permission) Thank you Mayra182 for your question. I hereby invite any fellow blog readers to respond within the next 48-72 hours. We all await your answer....


germayn said…
id like to take a stab at this question: it might not be fat at all. some lower stomach fat may be due to constipation. hey mayra, have you ever tried getting a colonic. this can help you shed the pounds. also the lemonade colon cleansing plan by carole greene is very helpful. here is the link to her site ( you don't mind Kurt.
Kurt M said…
Thank you again germayn for posting. I am certain that your answer will be helpful to Mayra182. I do want to caution you against using URLs in your post. To some blog readers this may come off as being a bit of a blatant promotional technique.

I personally have nothing against you wanting to drive traffic to your site or cause (as long as it is valuable & related content), but for the sake of the intended audience of this blog, it would be most appreciated if you instead refer to the source material in a more subtle manner.

Sorry for the long-winded response, but I felt it was needed. Thank you again for your participation.

Remember everyone, there are no wrong answers here we're just pooling opinions for the best answer(s).
germayn said…
Ok Kurt, fair enough. thanks for not coming down hard on me just trying to help. i like your blog btw. keep on posting, man!

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