This cannot be STRESSED enough

It has been called everything from "public enemy number one" to "the silent killer". We all deal with it from time to time (some more often than others). Stress is a real fact of life for anyone living on Planet Earth.

Despite its many negative connotations, stress can be a good thing in our lives

It works hand in hand with our body's own natural defense mechanisms (i.e. "fight or flight trigger") to shield us from impending dangers on both a microscopic & macroscopic scale.

Sometimes a helpful attribute can serve to inhibit other defensive measures built into our DNA. The Mayo Clinic's noteworthy website features a series of articles dealing with this same subject matter. I want to, however, bring your attention to a specific article called "Need Stress Relief? Try The Four "A's". Personally, I found it to be very helpful. Let me know what you think of it.


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