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The Basics Series: Part One

Standard Treatment Regimen
If you become ill, you'll naturally visit the doctor, get a diagnosis done and be given a prescription. You take the medication as prescribed, and hopefully, you will be cured. If additional symptoms develop, you'll be prescribed medication for those health issues as well. Each symptom gets its own medication and if those symptoms create additional get the idea. This is how modern health care works these days - an endless cycle of diagnosis and prescription. If it were suggested that you simply get garden herbs and roots for medicine, you may dismiss this recommendation as utter rubbish.

 However, the rising costs associated with class action lawsuits against pharmaceutical developers have caused these same companies to commission studies to determine the merits (mostly financial) of natural medicinal remedies.
Ancient Methodologies & Practices
Natural medicine is the use of natural ways in which herbal remedies and traditional practices heal various ailments. Every single culture in the world has historically used a type of natural therapeutic technique. In ancient cultures, village medicine men were the doctors of the community, passing on medical information unto the apprentices that followed them and practiced their teachings. Many types of healing methods fall under the category of natural medical discipline. Among these disciplines are: folk medicine, complementary treatments, and herbal remedies. Natural medicine is best described as medical practices that are in position prior to an advent of contemporary medicine. This might embody herbal drugs or phytotherapy which is actually prevalent in Chinese, Ayurvedic (or Indian), and ancient Greek medicine.
A Bridging Of Techniques
The creation of contemporary medical techniques has caused many of its practitioners to discredit herbal treatments in favor of completely or partially synthetic medical treatments. Some key examples are: opium, digitalis, quinine, and aspirin. Natural remedies are largely becoming a lost art. Consistently, natural therapy has been proven to be more effective than applied medical science and (to a greater extent) has fewer side effects. This has led some physicians to intently study the most fundamental uses of natural medicine. It is expected that this trend will continue to grow as diseases become resistant to contemporary therapies. One day perhaps, these two worlds of Modern Medicine and Ancient Healing Techniques will merge and perhaps then all will truly benefit.

Bridging ideas


2much2much said…
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!! Great post as always, Kurt!!! I can hardly wait for the next article! Keep 'em coming!!
Kurt M said…
Thank you for your comment, 2much2much!

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is one series you do not want to miss. Add this blog to your favorites. This article series gives a great deal of insight to contrast the differences between chemical-based & plant-based therapies. I am glad you are enjoying it!

Thank you again for your comment!
Nathan Freitag said…
Great article, Kurt! By the way I have been taking your advice regarding the workout and diet you suggested for my anniversary next month. I'll admit, I have been lax in my regimen, but I HAVE seen some results. I lost 12 pounds with the detoxification program you referred me to. My waistline has dropped a full two pant sizes and I have more energy now than I did when I was in my twenties. It's also helped out my...prowess (if you know what I mean). My wife definitely appreciates it and we both appreciate your suggestions. Thank you so much for your help!!
Kurt M said…
Thank you for commenting Mr. Freitag!!

At first I didn't recall making the recommendation to you for the detox program you were referring to until I took a look at our second question of the week. I remember you e-mailed that you were taking your wife to Hawaii for your anniversary & that you wanted to look great with your shirt off. I am glad you benefited (in multiple ways apparently..) from the detoxification process.

Don't forget to use the exercise regimen I suggested as well. "Fitness Watchers" has proven to be quite effective as a workout program as well. E-mail me & I will send you the link.

Thank you again for your comment & testimony, Mr. Freitag!
Kurt M said…
Thanks for commenting!

I try hard to provide quality info for my readers & visitors each time I or a guest blogger posts something here. I appreciate your comments. Feel free to browse and if you have any questions please feel free to send them to me.

Thanks again for commenting and (if you haven't already) please join this blog for up-to-date information!

Nice site by the way...

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