The Basics Series Prelude

Hello everyone, I wanted to make an announcement about a new project I have been dedicating a considerable amount of time to recently. Regular readers will no doubt recall my alluding to this in a recent comment I made.

Firstly, the project is still on. However, I do feel that it is necessary to briefly address an inquiry that was sent directly to me (not to be confused with the "Question Of The Week" feature). An anonymous commentator asked me for a "layman's view" on healthy living and alternative medicine.

 I referred them to some of my previous articles that I have linked to on marsupialmind blog. This, however, was unsatisfactory in answering the question posed (for which I sincerely apologize). So, I have decided to create a "back-to-the-basics" series of postings I am titling "The Basics Series". These upcoming posts will be released at least once a week for the next few weeks.

Asclepius god of medicine and healing and his daughter Hygeia personification of health Roman 100-150 CE Bronze

Please keep in mind, this is not just for people unfamiliar with the central themes I have established here, but also for any regular readers that may have a few basic questions as well. This will be a vital series for anyone that has an interest in taking authority over their health. I highly recommend signing up for the KurtMIND  RSS feed on this one so that you do not miss any of it.

You've gotta start somewhere...
So with that I would like to sincerely thank everyone that regularly reads marsupialmind blog, all the Google+ referrals, & word of mouth recommendations. I want to especially thank the following commentators for helping to keep it all going: germayn, 2much2much, kathydobbs, Janina Odell, Juana Rodriguez, to EVERYONE that +1'd (plus one'd) my posts, and last but not least my "Anonymous" family.


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