A Little Ancient...A Little Modern (MP3 Files)

Today's post will not be about health (just temporary, folks..). Instead I wanted to share something with you that is historically significant & quite amazing to hear. For the record, I am a member of the StumbleUpon community (under the moniker of vegasr0x). I absolutely enjoy what you are are able to do while on this social site.
I stumbled upon (no pun intended) a site that has re-mastered recordings of historic recounting memorable events, comments, speeches & sounds from famous persons such as: John Fitzgerald Kennedy's speeches, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and HG Wells.

For those that are unaware,  the "stumbling" feature allows you to easily find web pages & blogs (like marsupialmind), pictures, videos, etc. Anyway here is a link to a site called "Old World Radio" as referred by StumbleUpon. It's very educational. Check it out. Share it with your favorite social sites and family, they WILL appreciate it.

Before the internet...there was radio


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