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TERRIFIC Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants In Chicago

Hello everyone! I hope that you are doing well during this winter season. You may recall some months ago I posted an article about an outing with a close friend of mine here in Chicago.  Early on during the post, I hinted that I would share some of my favorite healthy restaurants to dine in. Well, I have compiled a short list for you along with popular/unique dishes as well as related links for additional info. Please comment & share with family, friends, associates (and yes even, enemies if you want the last word) freely. Here's the list for your review:

Chicago Diner (3411 N Halsted St/ 773 935-6696)
This well established vegetarian restaurant has been a staple in Chicago for over 30 years.  Many of its menu items have a deceptively "unhealthy appearance" as evidenced by the meticulous preparation to fool even the most meat-addicted carnivores out there. 

Popular Dishes Include: 

"The Radical Reuben" (corned beef seitan, grilled onions, peppers, sauerkraut, vegan thousand island & cheeze, on marbled rye.)

"BBQ Bacun Cheezeburger" (seitan patty with house made hickory smoke veggie bacun & tangy BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato & onion with melted cheeze.)

Gluten-free shakes & Sweet Potato Fries

Green Zebra (1460 W Chicago Ave/ 312 243-7100)

Chef Shawn McClain's vision for vegetarian cuisine has put Green Zebra in a unique category of fine dining. The positive feedback from guests and critics has earned this restaurant a top spot on this list. Green Zebra has been touted as having food that has "flavors incredible enough to thrill carnivores". A definite must eat if you are in Chicago.

Popular Dishes Include:

(In Season)

"Smoked Eggplant Soup" (eggplant, banana peppers, mustard seed, sweet relish, and celery leaves)

"Country Flat bread" (grilled asparagus, melted leeks, lightly smoked brie, and basil)

"Frozen Gianduja Mousse" (ginger cookie crust, orange/ginger reduction, fresh melon)

Native Foods Cafe (218 S Clark St/ 312 332-6332)

This distinctive vegan restaurant has a history that actually started 1994 in Palm Springs, California. Native Foods Cafe' makes it clear on their website that their passion extends in three very specific ways: fresh food, animals, & the environment. They proudly proclaim that every dish is made fresh & from scratch (no artificial additives here!). A plant-based approach to food preparation ensures that their standards remain consistent.

Popular Dishes Include: 

"Ensalada Azteca Salad" (fresh avocado, jicama salsa atop quinoa, romaine and Chef Tanya's award-winning mango lime vinaigrette. Topped with currant, pumpkin seeds & cilantro

"Portobello & Sausage Burger" (fresh grilled portobello mushrooms, Native sausage seitan, caramelized onion, pomodoro, sweet roasted garlic, creamy pumpkin seed pesto & mayo)

"Boogie Bars" (banana bread loaded with almonds, oats, coconut, chocolate chips, jungle vanilla,  sweetened with agave & maple syrup)      

I hope that if you are ever in Chicago and you are looking for some great vegan/vegetarian cuisine you will look up these fine establishments and try out their dishes. Please don't forget to share this info on the web via the share buttons listed below. 

UP NEXT: Terrific Non-Vegan/Non-Vegetarian Restaurants In Chicago


2much2much said…
These are some cool vegetarian restaurants you found here, Kurt! My cousin lives in Chicago on Lake Shore Drive & I've got a feeling he's probably never been to these spots. I'm going to send him the link to this article. The Chicago Diner's menu pics look like they belong in a meat-lover's catalog. Those are some very talented chefs over there. I've even never heard of a meatless Ruben sandwich before. Cool choices!
Kurt M said…
Hello & thank you for commenting, 2much2much! I really appreciate it!

I am glad you enjoyed this article about a few of the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants in and around the Chicago area. I've known about these dining establishments for a while now and I figured I would share them with you guys.

Chicago Diner had me fooled also with how they prepare their blend of seitan to resemble real meat dishes like hamburgers & corned beef. The taste is also unforgettable as well (good stuff!). Don't forget about Green Zebra & Native Foods Cafe. These two establishments are also well-know for their ability to fool carnivores by the hundreds.

Thanks again for your comment & have a Happy New Year!!!
cierramgirl said…
Wow! Very interesting vegan restaurant discovery Kurt! Say Kurt whenever you talk about health can it tie in with beauty because if people look good then people will also feel good
Kurt M said…
Thank you again for commenting, cierramgirl!!

You are on a roll today!!

As I responded to 2much2much, these restaurants are just a few of the great vegan/vegetarian restaurants available in the Chicagoland area. I highly recommend visiting these fine dining establishments the next time you are in Chicago.

Beauty with health....interesting combo. Perhaps, you can provide me with a few examples of how you would suggest this can work. Beauty is not really an area that I am an expert on, but if you could share some ideas with me, perhaps I can integrate it into the blog content.

Please e-mail me your ideas.

Thank you again for your commentary, cierramgirl!!

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