The Basics Series: Part Three

Modern Medicine vs Traditional Methods
Physicians and other medical professionals are very beneficial to society as a whole, but what happens when trendy doctoring merely will not work? It is a known reality that antibiotics have saved many lives over the years. However, a recent resurgence of "classic" viruses and germs are proving to be extraordinarily resistant to applied medical therapies. Antibiotics are largely ineffective against them. Mainstream doctors are currently recommending natural therapies to treat both minor symptoms and chronic conditions. Dietary modification, for example, has become a key weapon against illnesses that would have needed in depth prescription drug treatment a generation ago.
Worldwide, a growing number of people are turning to different, natural, and ancient healing strategies to prevent illnesses and to resolve minor health issues. Numerous modern thinkers have dismissed these therapies as unproven "old wives tales" or standard folklore. It is currently known that many health conditions are caused by improper diet and can be reversed using food therapies.

Heal Thyself
 Heart disease, cancer, weight issues, arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure can all be treated to a point with foods. Imagine the concept of treating a cold or flu solely with specific meal plans and dietary modifications. Chicken soup has been a prescribed food-based treatment for years and still many doctors have yet to make the correlation that it too is based on "alternative treatment" methods.
The human body possesses the power to trigger healing through correct diet and herbal treatment strategies. Sadly, we now live in an age where self-reliance is largely ridiculed and we have a tendency to look beyond our own healing capabilities for treatment solutions.
 Health care has now become the exclusive province of licensed medical professionals. What happens when medical help is not so readily accessible? Increasing healthcare costs are a primary reason for the recent surge of interest in alternative therapies. This has caused a major shift in the methods people utilize regarding their health. Many individuals are attracted to the alternative practitioners techniques of treating the entire person or holistic healing.
A New Hope?
Recently physicians have finally started using naturopathic counseling methods to assist patients seeking to isolate aspects of their daily lives that may play a vital role in their symptoms. Speaking of symptoms, it has been researched that symptom-based diagnoses as they are currently applied have been determined to be ineffective & antiquated. Modern technological advancements have helped propel the state of medical practice ahead significantly, but it also has its limitations as physicians are finding that a holistic approach quickly gets to the root of the problem & helps improve the patient's lifestyle as well. In this age of managed care and impersonal medical employees several patients notice this technique of holistic medicine especially appealing. 


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