Happy New Year!!!

I know many of you are probably still celebrating & ringing in The New Year as I type this, I didn't want to take up too much of your time from your revelry (in fact you probably won't see this until after January 1) but I wanted to take the time to thank you all for a phenomenal 2012 (more on this in future postings).

My first ever venture into the wild world of blogging has been quite educational as I have learned what does & does not work for a blog. You taught me everything I needed to know from design (did you know that this is actually my 4th revision for marsupialmind? Unfortunately, I don't have the original screen shots to show you KurtMIND's humble beginnings, sorry), to content (why do you think the videos are posted so regularly?), to subject matter (yes, I know health is the prevailing theme here, but I also know you like me to mix it up a bit too..), to composition (you do like the photos & illustrations, right?).

Through this relatively short period, marsupialmind has accumulated over 50 postings (including guest bloggers) & 100+ comments.  That is impressive, it averages to over 2 comments per post. Once again I am grateful.

Enough of 2012 (for now..) I want to provide you with a brief glimpse into the future that is 2013 & how it will relate to KurtMIND blog. Look for: more info on my much anticipated "project" in coming months, interviews, tips on improving your mental as well as physical health,  isometric exercises, total cleansing techniques, relevant articles originating both here & all across the web, more health-based videos, polls, giveaways, and much more than I have time to post here. Just remember to join this blog to get the latest updates for 2013 (and a few surprises). Thank you all for your loyalty & remember YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH!! Happy New Year!!

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