The Keshia Interview (Part Two)

For the benefit of them that may be new to this blog & Keshia's Blog 1404 Darrow Avenue Blog, this is a continuation of an interview that was started just a few days ago. Since KurtMIND is a health & alternative medicine blog, this section of the interview conducted was on the same subject matter.

 (Please be aware that the program being discussed & it's touted results may not be typical for all participants. As I always say, actively seek the counsel of a licensed & trained medical professional before starting ANY weight loss program. Feel free to comment, & share!)

Kurt M: You recently announced on my blog that you were going on a special weight loss program. Would you mind providing my readers with an overview of this new program you are involved with?

Keshia: The program is called the 90 day Challenge by ViSalus. It's very popular with Hollywood celebrities who have been using it for years. It wasn't until fairly recent that it was released to the general public. A good friend of mine has proven to me that the program works very well. 

KM:  That's interesting. Why did you decide on this one ?

K: My friend started the program a few months ago & showed rapid weight loss results. I would always see her on Facebook talking about on how quickly she lost weight. I mean, I saw the results & was completely amazed at how good she looked. It really encouraged me to look into the program. I have now assigned myself a goal of shedding weight with at least 90 more pounds to go before I reach my objective. I am already seeing measurable weight loss so I know the program really works. 

KM: I probably should have asked this question first, but what made you decide to pursue a weight loss program in the first place?

K: I really wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and gain more energy instead of feeling bloated and lethargic.

KM:  Do you have a coach or sponsor with this program?

K: No, I am my own sponsor and coach, but I know that I can do this. I try hard to keep myself encouraged. 

KM: Is there a special diet and/or exercise plan you have to follow?

K: There is a shake you can drink 2 times a day and if you want you can work out but its not required.

KM: Really?? No exercise needed??

K: That is correct. No exercise. Of course you can get faster results by following an exercise regimen, but this program does not emphasize it. 

KM: How difficult has it been? Is this part of your New Year's Resolution?

K: There are times I feel lazy but that makes me want to move even more. This isn't really part of any of any new year's resolution because I started it before 2012 was over. The weight at times may slow me down a bit but I have every intention to continue this well into the new year. 

KM: Do you have any motivational advice for anyone here looking to start this or ANY weight loss program?

K: Yes indeed, full portions of food at the dinner table are NOT a requirement. On the other hand, a diet is just a suggested plan to help you achieve your health or weight loss goals. Don't overdo your eating nor your diet. You need to listen to your body, stay focused and nature will control the rest. You are put in control with this program so you have to use common sense. In short, its called simply eating smarter and healthier.

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