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The Keshia Interview (Part Two)

For the benefit of them that may be new to this blog & Keshia's Blog 1404 Darrow Avenue Blog, this is a continuation of an interview that was started just a few days ago. Since KurtMIND is a health & alternative medicine blog, this section of the interview conducted was on the same subject matter.

 (Please be aware that the program being discussed & it's touted results may not be typical for all participants. As I always say, actively seek the counsel of a licensed & trained medical professional before starting ANY weight loss program. Feel free to comment, & share!)

Kurt M: You recently announced on my blog that you were going on a special weight loss program. Would you mind providing my readers with an overview of this new program you are involved with?

Keshia: The program is called the 90 day Challenge by ViSalus. It's very popular with Hollywood celebrities who have been using it for years. It wasn't until fairly recent that it was released to the general public. A good friend of mine has proven to me that the program works very well. 

KM:  That's interesting. Why did you decide on this one ?

K: My friend started the program a few months ago & showed rapid weight loss results. I would always see her on Facebook talking about on how quickly she lost weight. I mean, I saw the results & was completely amazed at how good she looked. It really encouraged me to look into the program. I have now assigned myself a goal of shedding weight with at least 90 more pounds to go before I reach my objective. I am already seeing measurable weight loss so I know the program really works. 

KM: I probably should have asked this question first, but what made you decide to pursue a weight loss program in the first place?

K: I really wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and gain more energy instead of feeling bloated and lethargic.

KM:  Do you have a coach or sponsor with this program?

K: No, I am my own sponsor and coach, but I know that I can do this. I try hard to keep myself encouraged. 

KM: Is there a special diet and/or exercise plan you have to follow?

K: There is a shake you can drink 2 times a day and if you want you can work out but its not required.

KM: Really?? No exercise needed??

K: That is correct. No exercise. Of course you can get faster results by following an exercise regimen, but this program does not emphasize it. 

KM: How difficult has it been? Is this part of your New Year's Resolution?

K: There are times I feel lazy but that makes me want to move even more. This isn't really part of any of any new year's resolution because I started it before 2012 was over. The weight at times may slow me down a bit but I have every intention to continue this well into the new year. 

KM: Do you have any motivational advice for anyone here looking to start this or ANY weight loss program?

K: Yes indeed, full portions of food at the dinner table are NOT a requirement. On the other hand, a diet is just a suggested plan to help you achieve your health or weight loss goals. Don't overdo your eating nor your diet. You need to listen to your body, stay focused and nature will control the rest. You are put in control with this program so you have to use common sense. In short, its called simply eating smarter and healthier.

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germayn said…
Cool interview, you guys! I have heard of VISALUS, but I never knew anything about how the diet is set up. Is there anyway you can give me some more info on it? The website doesn't give a lot of details without your e-mail.
Kurt M said…
Thanks for commenting germayn!

Glad you enjoyed the interview (I hope you checked out part 1 on Keshia's blog, the link is under the heading "Blogs and Sites I Like").

I admit, I am not really that familiar with the ViSalus weight loss program myself. I will defer that question to Keshia. Most of the weight loss programs I am familiar with are under the "Helpful Links (Health/Fitness)" column on this blog. Although, I am starting to look into this particular program in more detail.

Thanks again for commenting!
5ugnAthe1 said…
Pretty good interview. A bit short in length and in details about the diet program. I think more people would appreciate the interview had you asked keshia more questions about her progress. It's good that you responded to germayn the same day (unlike some bloggers). I see though that your guest, keshia has yet to answer the question posed to her yesterday. This is NOT good. If she expects to be taken seriously as a blogger and new businessperson she needs to be responsive to EVERY commentator on your blog and her own. Overall, Kurt, I would say that you are doing fine with your articles & you should focus on over-delivery of content at all times.
Kurt M said…
Thank you for commenting, 5ugnAthe1.

I appreciate your feedback on The Keshia Interview.

It is my commitment to provide the best level of content for all my readers and visitors. I will make sure that I ask a sufficient amount of questions the next time I conduct an interview. Thank you for you suggestion.

Keshia is currently reviewing numerous tenant applications (I've even had a difficult time reaching her) that have come in via snail mail & e-mail. I have never personally participated in application reviews before, but I am marginally certain that it can be an arduous task for one person.

Keshia is taking on a enormous project for her father as a complete neophyte and in my humble opinion, I think she is doing well under the circumstances. You are welcome to private e-mail Keshia or myself if you have any specific tips to share with us.

Thank you for commenting.
Janina Odell said…
I don't care what anyone says about this interview, Kurt. It is VERY informative and you DID ask the right amount of questions. People are entitled to their opinion on things, but I feel that this was a good first effort and you should be commended instead of criticized. Keshia is taking on a lot of responsibility single-handedly and she may not always have time to address every question immediately. If some people had to do the same thing she is attempting they may have a different viewpoint on the subject.
5ugnAthe1 said…
Please do not misunderstand my criticism, Janina. I am fully aware that Kurt is inexperienced in blogging and is basically "feeling his way" in this profession. I was merely pointing out some areas of improvement that I have seen and no doubt others may have seen as well (despite there being no other feedback provided). Additionally, I am aware that keshia is probably under a lot of pressure, but it is still VERY IMPORTANT to be responsive. For the record, I am also an entrepreneur so I can provide some insight on running a business and responding to potential clients.
Janina Odell said…
Okay, 5ugnAthe1. I understand your intention, but I feel that you were a bit too hard on Kurt & Keshia. I mean, since you are an entrepreneur, you surely must know how hard it can be to get started with a business plan let alone running a business. Your comments seemed a bit too harsh in light of the subject matter. If I may offer you a suggestion, please try to be more mindful about your criticisms. Thanks.
5ugnAthe1 said…
Janina.....I appreciate the feedback, but I did not ask for it. I know how hard it can be when you are just starting out. I have been at this for over 5 years. You don't need to tell me anything about the difficulties of running a business. I know already. If I come off as being a little harsh it is only to provide the people I am trying to help with a stark look at reality....I wish I had someone to give me a kick in the rear when I was starting out. I had to learn almost everything by myself. I had no support at all and I am determined NOT to let someone I can help fall by the way side. So excuse my honesty.
Janina Odell said…
Wow, 5ugnAthe1....I am not even sure how to respond to that commentary. I do however, respect your experience & competency in running a business. Thank you for your time. I have to get back to work now.
5ugnAthe1 said…
Have a great day at your job, Janina...
2much2much said…
Whoa....staying out of this one.....
I really do apologize if by chance I have offended someone on this blog by not responding rapidly, I have encountered a huge responsibility on property management, and believe or not this is a huge jump for a young mother like myself because this is not my only job. I have lost 16 pounds with Visual and the program was introduced to me by a friend they do have a Facebook site called 90 day CHALLENGE feel free to go on and check them out, visalus is not what I am advertising I am promoting 1404 Darrow Ave Rental Property, I am very busy on my rehab project on my 6 unit brick apartment not my weight loss, please don't misunderstand me but I have to stay focus this project mean the world to me not Visalus. Again i do apologize for any confusion my delaying may have cause here.
Kurt M said…
Thank you so much for commenting Keshia, I really appreciate it!

This discourse (though a bit heated at times) is actually good for the blog & our community as a whole. Though I do believe in a harmonious interaction, I am a realist. I fully acknowledge that people are not always going to agree with everything I nor anyone else may post or comment on.

At the same time, I do believe debate is possible without being disagreeable. Though, this most recent discussion is not an example of it, personal attacks cannot be tolerated at all. I myself & my selected administrators will be watching closely to ensure that this will not be an issue. Also please remember that all comments are reviewed prior to approval.

Thank you all for your comments!

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