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Guest Blogger Invite

As you guys already know I've set up a blogging team here on KurtMIND.

The team is comprised of a few folks that are either experts or enthusiasts in the field of alternative health & fitness, business, or any related subjects. Some of our submissions tie directly into the themes here and others may not. The bottom line is: variety. As the saying goes "Variety Is The Spice Of Life". I want you to get a wide spectrum of viewpoints on the very important topics of health and life management. 

The team is currently crafting some very cool articles & presentations that I'm certain you'll be impressed with. 

I would also like to find out what you guys would like to contribute to this blog. If you think you have what it takes  to post some great content on this blog (OR if you know someone else who does) and for the community, contact us via e-mail with a sample of your original writing (300-500 words, short submissions will NOT be accepted as initial postings). Your writing should be compelling and at least marginally related to the subjects of health, alternative medicine, self-improvement, fitness, business, or any subject that you believe would benefit your fellow readers

As an alternative, if you own a blog please provide the url for it so your writing can be properly assessed. Feel free to point out your best work.

Please keep in mind that all submissions will be reviewed for quality & should be original, compelling content. In addition, we highly recommend you read our terms & conditions page along with our privacy policy page to ensure you are providing appropriate content. Once approved, myself or a team member may contact you for possibly setting up a posting schedule.

 If we don't initially accept your submission don't be discouraged. It may be due to its similarity to previously published content or we may request some revisions to keep it in line with our policies. 

The submission process may take a bit of time due to the responsibilities of maintaining this blog and some of our other individual and group projects. We kindly ask you to please be patient with us. We do look forward to receiving your submissions! Thanks for reading! 

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cierramgirl said…
Well this is great news I have been wanting to submit something to you for a couple of months now. I hope you like it tell me what you think!!
Kurt M said…
Thank you for commenting, cierramgirl!

I'm sorry for not getting back to you about contributing to KurtMIND. I have been extremely busy researching and gathering information for a new series I plan to unveil to you guys. I have received your submissions and I hope you got the e-mail response I sent to you. I am looking forward to sharing this info with your fellow blog readers (hopefully) in the near future. Please be patient with me in this process. Please e-mail me back if you have any questions about my responses.

Thank you again for commenting!

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