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(INFOGRAPHIC) Take These Nutrition Facts To The Bank!!

I hope you guys like infographics, because I have no idea on how to do one of my own, but I found this one on one of my fave social network sites, this is a REALLY GOOD infographic here.

It breaks down why we crave certain unhealthy foods and what our bodies are ACTUALLY needing. Check it out below & comments as always are welcome! 

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  1. Cool infographic (thank you for the link to the definition too!) this list of foods explains a lot about why it was so hard for me to lose weight. If I might add, water also helps to curb your appetite as well as help to cleanse you out. Let us know when you finally perfect making your own infographics... LOL!

  2. Thank you for commenting Nathan!

    Glad you enjoyed the infographic (one day I will learn how to do one!). Good tip about water. Very important to get 10-12 glasses daily.

    Thanks again for commenting!



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