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Newbie Blogging: The Series (Part 1)

Watching and Blogging
Watching and Blogging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think most people have a pretty good idea about what a blog is, but for the benefit of the masses in general, I want to give an overview on it.

The word "blog" is short for the term web log. The authors of blogs are called bloggers.

There are essentially no set rules when it comes to blogging. Bloggers have the freedom to express themselves how ever way they please and the best thing about blogging, is that most blogging sites are free. 

A blog is basically an online journal where you digitally pen down your thoughts, ideas, opinions and nearly anything you want people to read. Blogs come in different styles, formats, and settings.
English: Blogs on JoopeA
English: Blogs on JoopeA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many blogging sites, offer built in features such as hyperlinks, straight texts, pictures etc. Some blogs (like this one) even allow you to put video and mp3's on your posts. 

Instead of writing texts, some bloggers choose to make their blogs more audio friendly, by using spoken word entries. This is called audio blogging.

Another type of emerging blog is called the video blog or "vlog" for short. This type of blog takes full advantage of the strength of visual media. Usually the author will shoot a video of themselves or may use a text-to-speech based approach to convey their thoughts. 

One of the advantages of blogging, is that it is made of only a few templates. Unlike, other websites that are made up of numerous individual pages. This makes it easier for blog users to create new pages, because it already has a fixed setting that include: slots for title, body of the post, category, etc. (more on this in future posts)

This is especially useful for first time writers, since they can start blogging right away. They can chose from a number of templates that blogging websites provide.

Anyone who wants to start a blog can do so by becoming a member of a blogging website of their choice. Once they've become members, they automatically become a part of that particular blogging community. They can browse through other bloggers pages, and link them back to their own blogs. They can also make comments on other members' blogs.
Blog Machine
Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

Blogging is not just limited to personal usage. There are numerous blogs that follow a theme such as: sports, politics, philosophy, economics, health, etc. These blogs tend to focus centrally on their specific themes. This way blogging becomes a medium in which people can share their knowledge and opinions about a variety of themes and topics.

A lot of entrepreneurs benefit from blogging by promoting their businesses on their blogs, with millions and millions of people logging onto the net everyday, blogging has become a lucrative strategy. Some bloggers who run online businesses promote their merchandise online. While others profit through advertisement. 

Clickbank Products

Some bloggers use their blogs as a means to advertise services or products such as books, services, software and even educational courses. For example, many Amazon & eBay affiliates create blogs to either advertise or review products of interest. Others use their blogs to shed light on current events, news, entertainment, and some social issues. 

Even college professors have used blogs to further document lessons they may have lectured on. This way, students who who have missed classes, can easily catch up with their assignments.

By far, the most popular blog type is the one that takes the form of a personal journal. This is the kind that is usually used by first time bloggers. Individuals who want to document the daily struggle of their everyday lives, poems, rants, opinions, find that blogging offers them a medium in which to express themselves.

Bloggers usually communicate within themselves. This is one of the appeals of blogging. It creates a community of people sharing their ideas, thoughts, and comments with each other.

Blogs vary by topic, theme, and format, and most can be found in blog directories. First time users who want to get an idea of what the blogging world is all about can browse through a number of blogs using these directories. This way you'd get an idea of what these blogging communities are like.

There are many blogging websites to choose from online. This gives first time users the option of joining a blogging community that appeals to their interests. 

Just search any blogging directory and you'd get a listing of a lot of blogging sites that are available on the web. It's easy to search a blogging directory, because it is organized according to category. This way you would get exactly what you are after. Blogging really is for everyone. It's fun, simple and easy. 

What kind of blogs have you been reading? 

Leave a comment below!

Next up: The Blogging Framework...for newbies!!

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5ugnAthe1 said…
Is Kurt M dead?
Kurt M said…
Far from it 5ugnAthe1. Just needed some time I appreciate you guys staying faithful and (hopefully) gleaning some helpful info from our archives.

Anyway, I have a treat for you guys tomorrow so stay tuned!
germayn said…
Welcome back, Kurt. Is this going to be a study course or are you just posting for information's sake?

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