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Lose Weight On The Toilet (No, really..)

Any luck with that fad diet or that expensive workout equipment you got at home? 


Shedding any inches, pounds, or whatever the so-called gurus said you'd lose?

You've been working your little heart out trying to stay with the regimen you were given.

Am I right?  

What about your stubborn belly fat ? Or is it just fat alone?

You may have the arms and legs of a demigod, but that means nothing if you have the belly of an ogre...

Let me ask you something....

Do you REALLY want to slim down your midsection? 

Face it, your colon is solely to blame. 

Up to 25% of your total body weight could attributed to the waste material currently stored in your colon. 

Picture this. You're a man weighing about 200 lbs with about 30 lbs or more of that being fecal matter. That, dear friends, is reason enough to seek out a potent solution to this problem.

What's worse you could right now be carrying this waste around in you for weeks, months, or even years!

Gross, right?

This condition may lead to an accumulation of toxins in your body. Without any means to effectively expel this toxic material, surrounding organs may become swollen from being pushed outwardly and cause the infamous "beer belly" protrusion associated with an impacted intestinal tract. There are, of course, numerous health and social implications to consider as a direct result of this condition. Hands down colon cleansing is one of the most effective means of weight reduction available to you.

Weight Gain Easily Explained
One of the many culprits of weight gain is the mass accumulation of toxins in various parts of the body, including the colon. When normal colon function is inhibited, mucoid plaque and partially digested foods accumulate in your digestive tract, resulting in progressive weight gain. 

Improper eating habits such as consuming food with higher fat content, low fiber intake, little to no water consumption, and lower than suggested fruit and vegetable meal portions can lead to weight gain and colon problems. 

Undigested food and its waste by-products cling to the colon walls and get packed in like hardened rubber. Sometimes you may even get gas discomfort from the decaying, undigested food. Eventually, the gas pressure forces fecal matter into the walls of your colon and adds to your weight and creates abdominal protrusions. 

See there ? Simple explanation, right? 

Colon Cleansing To The Rescue!
Your body is rarely able to process the chemicals found in certain food products.

Harmful wastes accumulate in the colon and can adversely affect the digestive system, resulting in weight gain. Colon cleansing removes waste accumulation in your intestinal tract. There are several other important benefits from colon cleansing as well: 

  • It assists weight loss naturally by flushing the toxins and wastes from your digestive tract. 
  • When you have a healthy intestinal tract, it stops weight gain even at the initial stages. 
  • Colon cleansing is the most efficient means of losing weight as most diet plans only provide temporary results.  
  • By removing all the toxins and the accumulated waste in your body, you'll start experiencing enhanced metabolism. This allows your body to burn fat easier and when you use supplements, their potency is boosted. It's very effective when done at regular intervals over a period of time.
  • Everybody wants to shed the pounds quickly. While this may help you squeeze into that swimsuit this summer, you may also gain it all back just as quick. With natural colon cleansing, the process of weight loss is slow and steady, but the effect is long term.
You'll notice your stamina improves the more clean your colon is. Just imagine putting in an extra hour of exercise without hardly any perspiration. You can do it! You'll be able to reach your weight loss goals quicker due to your lowered toxicity levels. That means few workout routines will cause you fatigue. You'll almost instantaneously have the energy needed to completely follow your chosen diet plan.

The Options

You've got numerous options available for removing toxic waste from your digestive system in a relatively short period of time. Just remember that a natural process of toxin removal is the most potent way of improving your health long term. A "quick fix" is always desirable, but all too often the results are temporary.

Your body requires adequate time to naturally purge itself of unwanted material completely. So don't rush nature. Let the wondrous machine that is your body function to its fullest potential by giving it what it needs to work effectively. 

Colon cleansing products are used to remove the waste adhering to your intestinal walls and effectively reduce your waist size. Think of these products as a clean-up and maintenance crew designed to not only clear out your digestive system, but also as a means of keeping your body running at optimal levels so that new harmful toxins cannot take up residence after you have cleansed properly.

So now the question comes "How long does it take for me to see and feel the results?

That, my friends, solely depends on how much accumulated waste your body has been storing over the years.

An effective natural treatment for a non-severe case of impaction could take about 30-45 days to completely remove accumulated waste. If the accumulation is massive it could take considerably longer. Some experts use a formula that measures your waist size, height, age & gender to determine how long the process may take. I've even heard of cases where monthly treatments have been prescribed by a licensed colon therapist that are representative of the patient's age (i.e; 21 months worth of treatments for a 21 year-old patient).

Colonic irrigation is another option for removing intestinal waste and toxins. It involves the use of gently flowing purified water & certain herbal mixtures to loosen hardened fecal matter from your digestive tract. Although the description of this method seems simplistic, it should only be applied by a well-trained and licensed colon irrigation specialist.

Colon cleansing can not only assist your weight loss but it can also holistically improve your health. You can use natural colon cleansing products to achieve the desired results. Controlling weight is not only dependent on diet and exercising, also understanding the exact causes of weight gain. Time to show your midsection who's boss....

Click here to see some highly recommended Effective Colon Cleansing Info and e-books to help you along your journey.

How do you plan to fight progressive weight gain ?

Leave a comment below.

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