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Bring The Heat....

Cayenne peppers are no joke. 

I'm going to break down for you a few reasons as to why this pepper is absolutely one of the most powerful tools you can use to maintain your health.

Don't go anywhere, alright?

Just What IS Cayenne Pepper ?

Cayenne pepper (Capsicum) is a food and also a natural remedy component that is highly effective in aiding colonic peristalsis (digestive tract movement) which assists in digestion. It may be consumed regularly with every meal and when needed for relief from constipation. Cayenne peppers have substantial amounts of vitamin A and beta carotene (two highly important immunity boosters). Most colds don't stand a chance against these mighty red wonders.

Capsaicin is the active ingredient found in various hot peppers, such as cayennes. This is what makes the peppers spicy hot. It's also a primary ingredient of pepper spray aerosol which is commonly used by law enforcement and average citizens to control or subdue miscreants. 

Common Uses And Intensity Measurement System

Cayenne pepper also fights joint inflammation that accompanies arthritis. Mixing the pepper with a plant-based oil or other natural topical ointment, causes the capsaicin to stimulate blood flow to the irritated area and subsequently relieving muscle aches.

Cayenne pepper can be consumed in its whole form as a fruit or in capsules. Like all peppers, cayenne's heat intensity is measured on the Scoville Scale, called "heat units" (HU), these measurements indicate how many cups of water are needed to dilute the "heat" or acid level of the pepper. 

Cayenne has different strengths from 5,000 heat units to as much as 100,000 and even higher. Additionally, it can be used as an herbal booster by assisting the delivery of herb benefits to where they are needed most in the body. One amazing aspect of this pepper is its innate ability to deliver its own benefits simultaneously while providing stimulus to other herbs.

As a home constipation remedy, one capsule of about 5,000 to 40,000 HU taken after a meal can be very beneficial. You may feel a warm or even mildly hot feeling in the upper part  of your stomach that is not too dissimilar to heartburn. This sensation usually subsides as your body gets more acclimated to regular consumption of cayenne pepper. 

Adding Cayenne Pepper To Foods 

Add cayenne to soups, salads and other foods you like. In soups or salads break open a cayenne capsule and simply mix it in. You may add 1 - 2 capsules if you'd like. If you want to get the full effect of the cayenne pepper use a whole pepper plus its seeds. First time users may want start with either 1/4 or 1/2 capsule to get gradually acclimated to the pepper's spicy taste. The choice is yours.

Warnings And More Benefits 

Some experts have warned about the side effects of excessive capsaicin consumption. On the other hand, it is rare for anyone to over-consume enough for this to be an issue. Use cayenne only as directed on its container and if you are on medication always advise your physician in advance.

Speaking of medication, studies have shown the potential of cayenne pepper's ability to block the ulcer-producing effects of NSAIDS. It has also been shown to assist the body with the absorption of theophylline, an asthma treatment drug.


Author and former cardiac patient, Dick Quinn wrote a book about his experience with cayenne pepper called "Left For Dead". In it, Quinn tells how this pepper saved his life after coronary bypass surgery failed to restore it. Here is a quote from the book:

"One of the most effective stimulants, mostly, cayenne targets the digestive and the circulatory system. Cayenne regulates blood pressure, strengthens the pulse, feeds the heart, lowers cholesterol, and thins the blood. It cleanses the circulatory system, heals ulcers, stops hemorrhaging, speeds healing of wounds, rebuilds damaged tissue, eases congestion, aids digestion, regulates elimination, relieves arthritis and rheumatism, prevents the spread of infection and numbs pain."

Cayenne pepper is not a cure-all, but its benefits are noteworthy and it absolutely should be a primary weapon in your home remedy and disease defense strategy.

I love cayenne. What about you?

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