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Newbie Blogging: The Series (Part 4)

As writers, we sometimes get so involved in our craft that we neglect the more technical aspects of our blog. It's easy to get so engaged in the process of creating content and totally forget the "moving parts" of the blog. 

We sometimes forget that it is a type of website that requires maintenance & tweaking and sometimes a significant overhaul to make sure it ranks properly on the search engines. I want to touch on three specific parts of your blog that are absolutely essential to your success. They are backlinks, permanent links (permalinks), and comments section. 

(See "Newbie Blogging" prelude and parts 1, 2, and 3)

These sections are so important that you would be doing yourself and your potential audience a great disservice by ignoring them. First let's deal with back links:

Back Links

These are also known as inward or inbound links. Search engines like Google are constantly providing linking urls to relevant and authoritative websites and blogs to make web surfing easier for internet users.

When you provide content that is helpful and/or useful for the majority of folks that are looking for it (especially webmasters) you may receive a referring link to your original article from another source. It's like getting a vote of approval in an election campaign.

For example, let's say you have a blog that deals primarily with clothes pins (don't laugh because there are some out there) and you write an article that explains not only how to effectively use clothes pins, but it even provides a detailed history possibly not found anywhere else on the web.

Your content at this point may not only be viewed as helpful and informative, but it may also help someone who may have had questions about the subject or may be even used as a resource for someone else researching that subject. Just like in the non-virtual world, good news travels fast and word of mouth can propel it to light speed level.

Imagine, not only getting a link or two referring to your article, but also getting folks to talk about it on the social networks. If this keeps up, over time your blog may be viewed as an authoritative resource. One link turns into dozens which multiplies into hundreds. More and more people will want to visit your blog, this is where your site's traffic picks up and may equal into a higher ranking on the search engines. 

In short, great content only helps. Keep at it and your results will be long lasting.


If backlinks are like unto popular votes for political candidates, then permalinks are the votes that the candidates cast for themselves. Anytime you post an article to your blog, it automatically creates a unique url identity (ex:

This, of course, makes your individual articles easier to find (if you have adequately researched your subject) as well as your blog. Permalinks are a permanent part of your blog's history. Keeping this in mind should encourage you to do your very best on every article and random posting you put up on your blog.

Remember, this is a reflection of you and can leave a lasting impression with potential readers.  


Although you personally may not feel as though comments are part of your blog's content, many of your readers may feel differently about them. In 2008, there was a study completed to determine the reading habits of most website visitors. Surprisingly, most visitors tend to do three things consistently: 

  1. Glance at the article title
  2. Read the first two sentences or first paragraph (if you've got an engaging article)
  3. Pore over the comments (for hours sometimes!)    

There is a psychological reason for this. It's because people love opinion-based dialogues. 

Think about it for a minute.

Let's say you are at a seminar and the speaker is talking about an interesting (or even controversial) subject matter. If the speaker is effective, the topic automatically engages the audience.

After the speaker has completed their session, they open the floor for discussion or questions, then you start hearing two or more people in the audience passionately debating the issue. Depending on how heated the debate is, the speaker may even have difficulty regaining control over the audience. 

Which part of the seminar will be most memorable, the speech or the debate?

This is NOT to say that every list of comments on a blog need to be controversial, but it does grab attention. Here's an example from my own blog to help sharpen the image I am projecting to you:

  • I don't care what anyone says about this interview, Kurt. It is VERY informative and you DID ask the right amount of questions. People are entitled to their opinion on things, but I feel that this was a good first effort and you should be commended instead of criticized. Keshia is taking on a lot of responsibility single-handedly and she may not always have time to address every question immediately. If some people had to do the same thing she is attempting they may have a different viewpoint on the subject.
  • Please do not misunderstand my criticism, Janina. I am fully aware that Kurt is inexperienced in blogging and is basically "feeling his way" in this profession. I was merely pointing out some areas of improvement that I have seen and no doubt others may have seen as well (despite there being no other feedback provided). Additionally, I am aware that keshia is probably under a lot of pressure, but it is still VERY IMPORTANT to be responsive. For the record, I am also an entrepreneur so I can provide some insight on running a business and responding to potential clients.
  • Okay, 5ugnAthe1. I understand your intention, but I feel that you were a bit too hard on Kurt & Keshia. I mean, since you are an entrepreneur, you surely must know how hard it can be to get started with a business plan let alone running a business. Your comments seemed a bit too harsh in light of the subject matter. If I may offer you a suggestion, please try to be more mindful about your criticisms. Thanks.
  • Janina.....I appreciate the feedback, but I did not ask for it. I know how hard it can be when you are just starting out. I have been at this for over 5 years. You don't need to tell me anything about the difficulties of running a business. I know already. If I come off as being a little harsh it is only to provide the people I am trying to help with a stark look at reality....

  • As many of you may recall, this is one of my most popular posts on this blog. The subject matter was controversial, but what made it a winner was the exchange between two of my readers as illustrated above. Their debate over the article, caused a mass influx of steady traffic to this blog for a period lasting over 60 days (incredible!). 

    Comments work both ways. In order to drive traffic to your blog, you should also comment as well:

  • I really do apologize if by chance I have offended someone on this blog by not responding rapidly, I have encountered a huge responsibility on property management, and believe or not this is a huge jump for a young mother like myself because this is not my only job. I have lost 16 pounds with Visual and the program was introduced to me by a friend they do have a Facebook site called 90 day CHALLENGE feel free to go on and check them out, visalus is not what I am advertising I am promoting 1404 Darrow Ave Rental Property, I am very busy on my rehab project on my 6 unit brick apartment not my weight loss, please don't misunderstand me but I have to stay focus this project mean the world to me not Visalus. Again i do apologize for any confusion my delaying may have cause here.
  • Thank you so much for commenting Keshia, I really appreciate it!
    This discourse (though a bit heated at times) is actually good for the blog & our community as a whole. Though I do believe in a harmonious interaction, I am a realist. I fully acknowledge that people are not always going to agree with everything I nor anyone else may post or comment on.

    At the same time, I do believe debate is possible without being disagreeable. Though, this most recent discussion is not an example of it, personal attacks cannot be tolerated at all. I myself & my selected administrators will be watching closely to ensure that this will not be an issue. Also please remember that all comments are reviewed prior to approval.

    Thank you all for your comments!

  • Read more:

    As a blog author you have a reputation to maintain. It's up to you on whether you have a good or bad rep. It's a good idea to at least try responding to some of your reader's comments from time to time (especially if there is a question or if there is a controversy like the one above). You should also try visiting other blogs in your niche(s) to read and comment relevant to the article. Anything less is an insult to the author:

    id like to take a stab at this question: it might not be fat at all. some lower stomach fat may be due to constipation. hey mayra, have you ever tried getting a colonic. this can help you shed the pounds. also the lemonade colon cleansing plan by carole greene is very helpful. here is the link to her site ( you don't mind Kurt.

    Thank you again, xxxxx for commenting. I am certain that your answer will be helpful to Mayra182. I do want to caution you against using URLs in your post. To some blog readers this may come off as being a bit of a blatant promotional technique.

    I personally have nothing against you wanting to drive traffic to your site or cause (as long as it is valuable & related content), but for the sake of the intended audience of this blog, it would be most appreciated if you instead refer to the source material in a more subtle manner.

    Sorry for the long-winded response, but I felt it was needed. Thank you again for your participation.

    Remember everyone, there are no wrong answers here we're just pooling opinions for the best answer(s).

    Read more:

    This is an example of what may happen when an affiliate link is inappropriately added to commentary. It does no good for the author & it does even worse for the commenter. Again, this is perceived as disrespectful and may even get you banned from a blog. Don't do it, it's not worth it. 

    However, if you continue adding good and well thought-out comments you may gain favor with the author and you may even get invited to post an article. 

    I hope this article helps you understand these three important components of  your blog more clearly. 

    Feel free to leave a comment below.

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    Nathan Freitag said…
    Happy New Year, Kurt! I never thought about what goes into making a blog. I'm sorry to say that this is the first article of yours on this subject. You've made me re-evaluate blogs that I have been reading for years. Thank you for providing links to the previous articles you've written. I'm going to back track to the beginning of this series so I can start learning about your insight into this subject. Thank you again for this very informative article.
    Kurt M said…
    Happy New Year, Nathan! I hope 2014 proves to be a very healthy & prosperous year for you and your family!

    I appreciate your comment on my "Newbie Blogging Series". I realize that this is not my normal offering of health & wellness that many of my readers have become accustomed to, but I was asked by some of those same faithful readers to give my take on blogging as a whole. So, I did some research (as usual) and this series is the result of it.

    As I have said before, I try to give my readers what they ask for (especially when I am e-mailed directly...see "Newbie Blogging Prelude") when it is presented to me. My goal is to make this blog as intriguing and interesting as possible. I hope that your fellow readers can identify with that.

    Thanks again for commenting!
    5ugnAthe1 said…
    Good article, Kurt! Your explanations about the key components of a blog were second to none. I especially liked your example of a controversial thread (using my exchange with Janina---please forgive me, Janina!) and how it may increase traffic to your blog. UItimately, I am glad that I contributed in some small way to your blog's success (and I won't even ask for a fee!) although the circumstances were less than favorable. In all, this is a great series and I can hardly wait for the next part! So now my question is:"When are you going to start up a course teaching blogging basics?" Thanks for your time!
    ApolloGr3ed said…
    this is the best blog i have seen in a long time. well written. it is very hard trying to get this type of information all in the same place! i am subscribing today. keep up the good work, kurt!!
    Kurt M said…
    Thank you for commenting, 5ugnAthe1! I really appreciate it!

    Sorry you and Janina had that falling out over the Visalus interview I did with Keshia. I hope you guys can resolve your differences. On the other hand, it did serve as a prime example of how a heated discussion can positively effect the traffic for a blog.

    Again, I want to emphasize that this isolated occurrence is NOT an ideal scenario by which to build your blog's ranking. Controversy only lasts for as long as it is interesting. It dies out quickly.

    Every relevant action on this blog helps us as a community to build its profile and authority. As far as any courses, I do not see anything like that for the knowable future for this blog, but then again, you never know.

    Thanks again for commenting!
    Kurt M said…
    Thank you for commenting and welcome to KurtMIND, ApolloGr3ed!

    We're glad you decided to join our humble little community. I don't know if I quite deserve the accolades you're heaping on me as this blog is a group effort. We all work hard to bring you the best! Feel free to comment and share whenever you'd like.

    Thanks again for your comments!

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