Hi everyone Keshia here!

I know haven't posted on this blog in a while (been real busy with family stuff) so, I decided to give you an excerpt of recent a post from one of my blogs (yes, I have more than one now!). This is from one of my most popular articles and I decided to share it with you. 

.....I just recently had a major struggle in my personal life and the struggle was so bad I didn't really know what to do or where to turn to. God showed up right on time and he carried me through and He is still carrying me through some things. My daughter is struggling with an illness that has been our challenge and struggle too, but once again God has shown up and began to carry us through this illness.

So the point I am getting to is that no matter what challenge or struggle you may go through in life God IS always there to carry you through, it's not hard to open up and allow Him in. God is not a man that He would ever leave you or forsake you. He will comfort you even when you feel like there is no one else to turn to.....

I hope that you will visit my blogs and get inspired.

Let me and others know what you think with your comments.

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