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The Fitness Agenda: Guys Vs. Gals

Here's something you've probably heard of before....

Women's fitness goals are different from men's....

How different ? You may ask. 

Just wait until you see what I'm going to show you....

Cerebral Influences

Like most other meaningful activities, fitness starts between your ears. It's all in your mind. A fitness program or regimen starts out as an idea. It's even more than that as well. Your way of thinking also influences how you workout. 

Here's a couple of examples for you:

Most men work out to achieve a goal targeted toward a set of desired results. For example, a guy sees that women are attracted to a certain body type, they tend to focus on achieving that goal, for the purpose of attracting the babes.

Now this doesn't mean that women don't do the same thing because we do. In fact, women are typically more "body-conscious" than their male counterparts. 

What differs for each gender are the reasons for getting in shape. Men tend to work out with a competitive mindset and a (usually limited) goal. Women, on the other hand typically work out as part of a social activity and for specific health reasons. 

Think about it. 

Most women want a workout buddy to accompany them to the health club so that they can discuss what their overall fitness goals are. A lot of times, women will take fitness classes that are centered around toning and/or cardio-based. The reason is because women are generally more health-conscious than men. This is NOT to say that men aren't, but it's uncommon to see a guy in the gym only looking to "firm up".

Social Indicators

What makes a woman start on the path to a healthier lifestyle varies as much as you can imagine. Sometimes it's due to a physician's recommendations. Other times it may be for getting a certain body part to look like someone they admire, like a celebrity. There are other times when a woman is trying to look good in an outfit for a special occasion (and probably at least a thousand more reasons I may have failed to cover here). Every woman has her own reason as to why she wants to be more physically fit.

Men are affected by social influences too. Mostly, it has to do with achieving a certain body type that may enhance their appearance. Celebrities also play a role in how people visualize themselves as a whole, but just for different reasons when it comes down to the genders.

Let's Break It Down

You guys know how I like to present things to you. In stages and with specific steps. So, here are 5 great fitness tips for women:

1. Get a program that works for and not against you. Every woman is different. You may have had surgery where certain fitness plans may be unsuitable for you. Always consult with your physician to make sure the program won't cause any complications. If a certain fitness program is not for you, ask your doctor if they can suggest an alternative.

2. Set realistic goals. Remember, it's not going to happen all at once. Make sure the body type you're trying to  achieve is realistic. The program should also be practical and will not give you false hopes. It's vital to be aware of the challenges you may face in your daily life. This will help you know what program is satisfactory. Once you've chosen a program or regimen, then you can set goals that are attainable.

3. Exercises should primarily focus on your body's muscle groups. You see, when you adequately develop your muscles, you burn more calories and then you burn fat in your body. Learn the best exercises to work on certain parts of your body.

4. Be systematic during your workouts. Your muscles should be working harder over time. Gradually increase the intensity of your workout as you progress. Doing the same exercises without increasing resistance will tone your muscles up, but you won't get much definition. Keep a record your daily results and adjust as needed based on your previous data. Remember, just a slight adjustment can make all the difference in the world. A daily log will also motivate you so you can track how far you've come along.

5. Perform a set of exercises in 10 repetitions. Every number that was accomplished is called a repetition. Try to make every repetition with less momentum as much as possible. The lesser the momentum, the harder your muscles work. And the harder they work, the bigger they become. To determine if there is excessive momentum when lifting, see if your arm is floating. If your arm does float, then there is too much momentum.

(Surprise!! I have a sixth step for you!!)

6. Be flexible and perform a variety of exercises.  Every exercise program should have a variety. You can change your exercises, goals and sets every month to keep you motivated and on the go. Doing this will prevent boredom and reduce energy loss.

There's no single workout that works for everyone. Learn to acknowledge your limitations and demonstrate self-discipline, keep yourself motivated and work harder everyday and add variety. Doing these things, you'll discover that a lot of programs will work for you.

So, there you have it, a number of gender-specific fitness differences laid out for your information plus a list with easy to follow instructions. 

What more could you ask for ? Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions...

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