We've all heard of moral fiber, but this blog is about health....

So let's talk about dietary fiber.

You want weight loss results? Eat more fiber.

Fiber is the key to an effective, results-driven diet.

Many years of extensive research has proven time and time again that fiber is indeed a highly effective weapon in the war against fat.

Most folks know this already, but yet quite a few of us do not get enough in our daily diet allowances.

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A 2010 report from The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition indicated that sufficient fiber intake actually reduces your waist circumference.

So, in addition to crunches and other ab-centric exercises, fiber will also help you lose belly fat.

Here are 9 important fiber facts that can help you achieve optimal health:

  •  Fiber vs diseases: For thousands of years, fiber has been used to prevent constipation. A diet high in fiber can help to prevent colon cancer and heart disease. It helps the body to eliminate cholesterol by binding it within the digestive tract. This allows the unwanted materials to pass through the body without side effects.

  • Fights binge eating: Many high fiber foods can take longer to chew and digest, making you feel fuller longer. That's right, eating the right foods can help you lose weight as well.

  • Not have enough foods have them: If you prefer consuming a lot of modern foods, you'd definitely want to increase your intake of fiber. For example, adding whole grains to your meal provides you with what you need for your daily intake.

  • Best fiber available: It also may consist of plant matter that we tend to be unable to digest. The best sources are whole grains and focused grain products & foods.

  • Give your kids fiber daily: Children that are older than two years of age ought to consume a daily intake of fiber. Kids are most receptive to fiber found in fruits, vegetables, and even some true organic breakfast cereals.

  • A lot more water needed: In order to keep fiber moving through your digestive tract, you need to consume a sufficient amount of water. Together with your diet of fiber, you'd need ten or more glasses of water each day.

  • It can't be cooked out: When you cook your fruits and vegetables, don't worry regarding cooking the fiber out, as it stays. The fiber found in fruits and vegetables aren't just within the fruit itself, but also within the skin or within the peel.

  • Too much of a good thing: If a person eats more than fifty grams of fiber in a day, diarrhea and bloating may occur. This may interfere with your body's absorption of alternative key minerals.

  • Finding fiber-rich foods is not that hard: Obtaining the proper quantities of dietary fiber isn't that difficult to do. All you have to try to to is eat the correct foods and you may be well on your method to a fiber enriched lifestyle. As a key ingredient in healthy eating, fiber is one thing you don't want to omit.

The National Academy of Sciences suggests 38 grams of total daily fiber for men and 25 grams women over 18 years of age. It is a known fact that Americans in this age range only get about half of the daily recommended fiber amount.

Without a doubt, fiber is king. Got more to add?

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