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Quick Tips: Weight Loss (#5)

Kurt M's quick weight loss tips:

TIP# 5

Oatmeal - Eating oatmeal can significantly help you shed the excess pounds. Enjoying a nice bowl in the morning is one of the best ways to start out your day.  

One of the best ways to fight unwanted weight gain is to find a natural way to SUPPRESS  your appetite. There are many techniques available to achieve this goal, but very few are as delicious or effective as oatmeal. 

Oats are naturally loaded with dietary fiber, which (again) can naturally suppress your appetite. Oats can help you lower your LDL or bad cholesterol levels as well as regulating blood sugar levels.

 Additionally, oats are great for cardiovascular health by ensuring that your heart gets the lignans which may help prevent the progression of  atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries). Oats can also make your body burn more calories by simply digesting them. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Grab yourself a bowl of oatmeal tomorrow morning and start your day off on the right foot!

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ApolloGr3ed said…
Oatmeal is power food! I just wish I knew how to fix a bowl without it being too lumpy (hint! hint! maybe it's time for a few oatmeal recipe postings?)
Kurt M said…
Thanks for commenting, ApolloGr3ed! I really appreciate it!

Agreed. Oatmeal IS power food and it should be consumed regularly to maintain good health overall and to help regulate digestion. It's fiber content alone makes it a worthy choice for breakfast. Never thought about posting oatmeal recipes, but that is something I'll have to seriously look into. Maybe I'll contact my culinary friend for some ideas!

Thanks again for commenting!
Janine Odell said…
Hey Kurt! I haven't been on your blog in a while (fortunately, I have you bookmarked) and I cannot believe the amount of content you and your team have put up on here! It's amazing! The new format is going to take some getting used to. Is there a reason why you decided to change the appearance of your blog? Well, anyway it's great to see you still have the touch even after doing this for two years! Great job guys!!
Kurt M said…
Now here's a name I haven't seen in a while on the blog! Thanks for commenting Janine! I really appreciate it!

We work hard as a team to come up with the subject matter you mentioned in your comments. We are glad you bookmarked this site and do appreciate your accolades. We hope you like the new format. It came into existence as a matter of necessity rather than aesthetics. Long story short, the previous template had some MAJOR coding problems on it due to a few advertisers we we dealing with previously. All I know is that I was alerted by one of our team members about the appearance of the blog (columns were misaligned, some ads were overlapping, and worse some content was unviewable!). Anyway, this prompted the changes you see here and so far, we're pretty happy about them. We're very happy to have you back and hopefully we can continue providing you with great content for you to enjoy!

Thanks again for commenting!

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