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Fighting Allergies...Naturally (Part 1)

Are you suffering from allergies? Need some tips for relief?

This new series can help you:

  • Discover what causes allergies. 
  • Which foods and herbs are good to minimize the effects of allergies. 
  • Find out why some allergies do not easily go away. 
  • Perhaps even learn how to cure your allergies.

How Allergies Happen Allergies are caused when your immune system defensively reacts to environmental agents such as: pollen, ragweed, mold and pet dander. Some foods like eggs, various fruits, nuts, and milk can all contribute to allergic reactions.  

Substances which cause allergies are called allergens

When the body's immune system identifies these foreign invaders, it sends out antibodies to drive them out. Under normal circumstances, your immune system sends out antibodies proportionate to allergens that are present. Allergies occur when the body overcompensates and sends too many antibodies. These antibodies may even attack your body's own tissues to exterminate the invaders.

Your body's own natural histamine levels rise up to activate proteins needed to drive out the offending allergens. Histamines are there to dilate or open blood vessels in order to allow leukocytes (white blood cells) to attack the allergens. The severity of the invasion can cause histamine levels to rise significantly.
This is where your allergic symptoms kick in. Millions of people worldwide are affected seasonally with hay fever, itchy skin, runny nose, watery eyes, etc. Allergens have no limit on how they can trigger these reactions.

Inherited Trait

Some allergies are passed down through genetics.

For example, if an expectant mother does not get sufficient nutrients from natural foods or organic supplements, her unborn child may become more susceptible to allergies. This may also occur if her stress levels stay too high for an extended period of time. 

A lot of children grow up with allergies that their parents have had. In fact, it's not all that uncommon to see generations of family members sharing the same types of allergies. Essential vitamins and minerals assist your immune system in fortifying itself against bacteria and (especially) allergens.

This may also explain some instances of childhood allergies.

Stress Induced

Did you also know that stress can contribute to allergic reactions too? Stress has been proven to be a major cause of allergies. Stress weakens a person's immune system, and causes over reaction to allergens. Remember, when you're under stress, your body is just moments away from the well-known "fight or flight" mode. 

This causes your body's natural defenses to initiate autonomously. While this physiological response is occurring, chemicals in your body cause your immune system to go into "high alert" mode. This can subsequently cause you to overreact to otherwise harmless allergenic substances. 

Relief Techniques

You can get allergy relief without the use of OTC (over-the-counter) medications. For itch relief try this remedy out;

Combine a 1/4 cup of oatmeal (any type) with one cup of hot or warm water, allow it to cool to room temperature. Use a small mesh strainer to separate the nutrient-rich water from the soaked oats as best as you can.

After sufficient cooling, use the strained water as a salve and apply directly to the affected area(s). In relatively short period of time you should experience itch relief. Oatmeal has many different uses and benefits.

You can also reduce your skin reactions by eliminating or significantly reducing your trigger factors.

There are, of course, numerous ways to alleviate stress in your life. Healthier living is always a great remedy for stress relief.  

Allergies affect everyone in one way or another. Find out some actions you and your loved ones can take to alleviate their effects in part 2 of "Fighting Allergies...Naturally".

Got an allergy story you'd like to share? Let everyone know in the comments below!

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