Quick Tips: Weight Loss (#6)

Is your weight loss goal just a dream? Or is it just a dream away?

Kurt M's quick weight loss tips:

TIP# 6

Hold on to your dreams

Before turning in at night, try focusing on your idea of what you'd physically look like after you lose weight. If you have one, pick out an old photo of yourself at your ideal weight and/or size. If not, prowl around on the web to find a free image of the body type you'd ultimately like to achieve.

Follow these easy steps to get your mind on board with your body: 

  1. Print it (the web image) out and use an old school photo manipulation technique of pasting your head on that ideal body type. 
  2. Write the word "ME" or your name on top of the altered image. 
  3. Look at it for about 30 seconds to ingrain the image into your memory. Do this about 10 to 15 minutes before bedtime. Then go to sleep. 

Use step 3 on a nightly basis for about 30-45 days. Picture yourself ideally and the other things that you would enjoy when you lose those pounds. Keep in mind, you may not see results as immediate as you may want to, but the key here is to remember that your goal has to be planned and what better way to get this done than to dream about it? This can help you get motivated just before you go to sleep. Ready to kick start your weight loss? 

Pleasant dreams.....

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