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(GUEST POST) Cure Arthritis Naturally- Are Painkillers Causing More Pain than Relief?

Your arthritis is flaring up again and you immediately go to the medicine cabinet and pop a painkiller. After an hour you might not feel a thing but did you cause more future pain than relief?

The answer to that question is complicated but more often than not; the answer is Yes, you did cause more harm than good! But, you are part of the almost 40 million arthritic victims who might be using painkillers to treat their arthritis. So let me ask you?

Have you used a painkiller in the last week to treat the pain from a hurting joint?

Has your doctor ever prescribed a painkiller for your arthritic pain?

Are you wondering if taking these synthetic medications might become a lifetime pattern?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you should know that you can cure arthritis naturally and throw away the painkillers that might be causing more future pain than relief. And you could do that in less than three weeks. 

The Problem with Painkillers 

Personally, I believe painkillers do have their place in society. As a natural health guru, I have even taken my fair share of pain killers to remedy a headache or a sore back. But, the problem begins when people mix arthritis and pain killers. Let me explain.

First off, it is important to know that curing arthritis can only occur if you begin to rebuild your cartilage or rebuild your muscles around the afflicted joint. Typically, arthritis sufferers take some form of medication to reduce the inflammation and eliminate the pain. However, the problem occurs when the joint is aching and the brain is not registering it. You might go the whole day thinking you felt great but in the process, take 6 months off the life of the stressed joint without even knowing it. With that said, the unaware arthritic patient severely hurts the joint and the existing cartilage.

Think about that time when you were driving and the 'check engine' light comes on. By putting black tape over the light, you might forget about the problem; but you will eventually have to deal with a bigger problem. This is very similar to taking painkillers to treat your arthritis pain.

Finally, painkillers could also cause bleeding or other intestinal problems which could be fatal. In fact, last year it was reported that over 2,000 arthritic sufferers died because of intestinal problems due to conventional treatments.

Allow Your Body to Help 

If you have done any studying on the human body, you will know that it is a pretty miraculous organism. Even Einstein said that studying the human body gives him his belief in an intelligent creator. But whatever, your beliefs; the human body was no accident.

Even the most respected scientists are dumbfounded at how intricate and amazing the human body is. And arthritic doctors and researchers are just as dumbfounded. Because the human body can actually cure arthritis naturally with fitness, proper dieting, and proper vitamins and minerals.

And most of this research wasn't discovered until this past decade when scientists began looking at diets and lifestyles of primitive tribes.

But the mysterious thing was that not one arthritis case could be discovered?

Curing Arthritis Naturally and Permanently 

I don't blame you for being skeptical. Most of our thousands of customers were skeptical at first but tried our report's recommendations because of our guaranteed-results promise. But, if you are a little curious about the natural treatment; here are some recommendations that will allow you to begin to feel some results in the next couple weeks.

5 Tips for Treatment 

1. What are you drinking? Begin a can fast immediately and that begins with your beverages. If something is canned or processed, it has preservatives and many synthetic ingredients that you can barely pronounce. Begin this week with a water flush which could be difficult but is doable. For the caffeine kick in the morning eat your favorite choice of apple. Again, difficult but doable.

2. Your sugar intake! Arthritis has been associated with high levels of sugar. Begin to wean yourself off of sweets and replace it with your favorite fruit or smoothie.

3. Workout! I bet you never thought you would hear those words. But you must begin a weight training program to build up muscle mass to support your body and joints. Though you might gain some weight (muscle weighs more than fat); you will look a lot slimmer and feel a ton better. Our report has some great suggestions for beginners or novices.

4. You Diet! This is one of the biggest problems leading to the pain. A good rule of thumb is always go fresh and healthy. If it is processed or canned; it is usually bad for your body. For pages of information about your nutrition and dieting; see our website today.

5. Breathe! Most people's bodies are starving for oxygen. To discover how you can give your joints more oxygen and less pain; learn about 3 breathing exercises that you can do at work and the proper posture rule.

6. Finally, deer velvet. Here is your free-be. Deer velvet is the secret agent that will help re-build your cartilage. To discover more about this Russian discovery, please check out our site.

What supplements will save me from pain? What vitamins does my body lack? What breathing exercises (you can do at work) will blast oxygen to my joints. Why does your body need a toxin flush? What foods should you eat and NOT eat? What herbs have helped millions of sufferers? And what can we learn from a deer about arthritis and rebuilding joint cartilage?

If you want to cure arthritis naturally, that will save you from the medication and the surgery, please check out our Arthritis Natural Treatment Report that gives a step-by-step remedy and is guaranteed to show results. You can start your treatment today by visiting our safe and secure website.

Joe Barton

About The Author
Joe Barton writes for, Barton Publishing, a leading natural health company which specializes to cure arthritis naturally . To learn more about our 100% arthritis-free guarantee, please click below. 

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