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What In the Hell Is Alternative Medicine?

You'll have to excuse the brash nature of my article title this week. It'll all become clear in a few short moments...

As I have mentioned in the past, I get emails from time to time from some of my readers asking a plethora of questions about health in general or even how to get treatment for various ailments. I received an email recently from a long time reader named "Tabitha". Here is an excerpt from her 600+ word email to me (most of the content is of a private nature so I will publish only the part I am free to share).

 "...this is why I feel that most people are afraid of alternative treatments. In fact, I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I noticed that you have never given a clear explanation of alternative medicines. Please explain just what in the hell is alternative medicine, anyway 

Hopefully, this explains the article title.

Now for the article.....

A Brief Explanation

Alternative medicine is merely therapeutic approach which is not formally accepted by the health care establishment as a remedy or oftentimes a cure.

One can find practically tens of thousands of techniques that come under this classification.
 A majority of people are likely to be taken by surprise to come across some of the things that either are or perhaps used to be reputed to be against the grain 
or sometimes labeled as alternative medicine.

The Facts
Here's a relatively recent fact from medical history, did you know that a little over a century ago practitioners did NOT sanitize their hands while aiding women through child labor?

Medical practitioners who endorsed the practice of hand-washing to mitigate bacterial colonies were looked down upon and mocked by their professional colleagues.

The aftermath included numerous cases of bacterial infections and virus-related fatalities for nearly all parties involvedWithin just the last century, sterilization has become a common and accepted procedure for all healthcare practitioners.

It's inconceivable to consider that something this vital was once regarded as alternative medicine.

Times change. 

Changing Attitudes
Complementary medicine is now being openly embraced by many healthcare professionals as opposed to how it was once perceived.

Acupressure is now being used as a method to relieve headaches, pains and other minor ailments. Many other variations of alternative medicine are achieving validation.

Observers are able to see cutting edge alternative medicine practitioners treating affected patients with fatal medical conditions to the astonishment of professionals.

Quite a few are scams.

Many others are just baffling and professionals who observe the incidents usually do not recommend them, but neither do they disregard them. 

The main reason behind the increasing popularity of alternative medicine is the recognition of psychosomatics.

Though, often referenced in modern medicine as being a negative influence on health, it can also have positive effects as well. In short, a patient who believes they are doing better, often are

A General Warning
Before venturing out to get a coffee colonic or dining on red clay dirtmake sure you investigate each and every claim of treatment and its supposed benefits.

Additionally, it's always a good idea to use your own natural instincts to help you exercise a healthy amount of caution to guard against charlatans. 

Alternative or not, do not rush into any questionable treatment options, and if it appears suspect, leave it alone.

This video (though controversial) shows an extreme reaction to an alternative treatment method.

Please be warned, the video is quite graphic in nature and may offend some sensitive viewers.

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