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The major holiday season is over. If you're like millions of others out there, you may have unintentionally (or in some cases intentionally) overindulged in traditional meals. 

For this reason alone I highly recommend colon cleansing as part of your essential path to improved health. 

A Problem Of Modern Times

Approximately two million people in this country have colon problems such as colitis, ileitis (Crohn's), and diverticulitis. 

Colon irrigation treatment or "colonic" (as it is commonly known) is therapeutic cleansing of the colon using a gentle warm water flush that usually takes an hour or less per session. Up to 16 gallons of purified water are typically used during each session.

The primary purpose of the colonic is to help your body rid itself of toxic waste found in your colon. 

Your colon becomes impacted due to dried mucus & fecal matter (sorry to be so descriptive) which forms an inner layer that has the consistency of hard tire rubber inside of your colon walls.  

Your bloodstream picks up nearly all the toxins present in the digestive tract. This unwanted material gradually seeps into your bloodstream through the colon if left unattended. 

Many alternative health experts claim that a severely impacted colon is the primary cause of death and disease. They blame this condition for any number of ailments including: colon cancerpremature aging, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, impotence, anorgasmia, and of course, death. Some of these claims have been substantiated, while some others are yet unproven.  

Our over-busy lifestyles and meager diets contribute greatly to the accumulation of unwanted waste materials in the colon. On average, some folks carry about 30 pounds of solidified fecal matter in their large intestine. 

Fortunately, there is hope.  

There are certain types of foods that are eliminated by the body quicker than others. These are unprocessed foods containing adequate fiber in foods such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and legumes. If these types of food would be consumed more, bodily conditions of diseases, constipation and other bowel complications would be avoided.  

When appropriate foods are consumed, an easily managed mass of residue is easily passed through the intestines. The time frame of 72 hours or less is normal for the remains of the consumed foods to pass through the bowels with elimination of four to six hours for extremely healthy people. 

This short time span is easier on the gastrointestinal tract than the consumption of white flour and sugar foods that are low fiber residue. 

The body becomes more active and alert when the body does not consume food for an extended period of time. It's generally believed that three hours or more is an adequate amount of time between meals. This, of course, depends on the type of food that is eaten as well as how much of it is eaten. 

The Itis And Its Risks

The human body has a natural tendency to rest while digesting food also known by the slang term "the itis". This typically happens about a half hour after consuming the meal. Many alternative medicine & modern medical professionals strongly caution against this habit as it known to promote GERD

Sleeping after a meal can actually stymie the digestive process inadvertently causing mild to severe impaction. 

The biggest meal of the day really should be consumed around noon because the body’s digestive capabilities are near their optimum at the time

Many people may find this to be a bit of a challenge with today's almost breakneck speed flow. As a resultmany people eat their largest meal after work just to make sure they can complete all their tasks. What's worse is when people attempt the "working lunch" to try saving time, but that option also has its own inherent risks.

This is understandable due to time constraints in the middle of the day, but it's also counterproductive to the digestion process in that after eating after work you tend to go to sleep shortly afterwards. This, of course contributes to the girth of your waistline by not allowing digested materials to pass through the colon as normal. 

By eating the largest meal of the day in the middle of your day (be that at noon or whenever "the middle of the day" is for you) your body still has the opportunity to move waste materials through the colon while you're doing your normal physical activities. 

When you wait until the end of your day, you have fewer opportunities for this to occur as your body is starting to wind down for a period of rest.  

The Wrap-Up

These tips can only help you if you apply them. Otherwise, there is always the colonic treatment option. 

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