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Acne-Shmacne....part 1

Acne is a common skin disorder in many parts of the world.  Over 10% of Americans aged 25 - 44 suffer from acne outbreaks.  Nearly 9 out of 10 Americans aged 12 - 25 will have acne at one time or the other in their lifetime. 

Left untreated, acne can become infected, create scars, and pockmarks that can permanently disfigure your face. 
Acne... The Disease

Yes, acne is considered a disease by many dermatologists.

The scientific name for acne is Acne Vulgaris. It occurs when the sebaceous glands, under your skin, become contaminated with oily toxic matter, which contains: 
  • dirt
  • dead skin
  • excess sebum oil
  • acid waste 
  • bacteria 
  • toxic matter
Under normal conditions, sebaceous glands release sebum (oil) that comes up through your pores onto the skin surface. This release keeps your skin moist and lubricated for protection from the environment.

If your skin pores are blocked, this may create a bacterial reaction as a result. This causes a growth or pimple that typically increases in size as the unabsorbed oil tries to penetrate the surface of your skin. Meanwhile, the oil on the skin's surface begins to attract more and more toxins, dirt, and dead skin cells.

If the pore walls burst under the skin, white blood cells move in to digest the collagen around the pores. When this happens, you'll develop scars on your face.

To avoid acne scars, you need to start an acne-clearing program before you get acne or just as soon as you see acne coming so that your pimples and blackheads don't get to the point where they get severely infected and burst.

Acne Triggers
Acne is a complex condition that involves many parts of the body even though it shows up as only eruptions on the face and elsewhere on your skin. It is a signal that you have problems elsewhere deep within your body. Acne can be caused by a clear need for colon cleansing, an over-accumulation of toxins, weak liver and other conditions that cause the blood to carry too much toxicity.

Clearing up acne it is not always possible to just do one thing and expect acne to go away. It may be possible to just use a special cream and have your acne diminish or clear.

Acne may go away by just doing one thing but don't expect it to. A facial cream, diet, herbal treatment, and colon cleanse combined may not be enough to clear up an acne outbreak. Sometimes these issues occur on a genetic or even an emotional level.

To effectively clear up acne, you may need to use different techniques. One or two treatment options may not cause skin problems to go away. On the other hand, it can be possible for you to simply use a special cream and have your acne diminish or clear.

That is an ideal outcome, but this method may not work for everyone.

Up next: Effectively Getting Rid Of Acne

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