"Real" Food?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to share with you an experience I had with a good friend of mine while I was out one warm summer evening in downtown Chicago last month (and believe me, we have had a lot of them here in Chicago). We were looking for a place to "cool our heels" so to speak and have more time to chat.

 My friend knows that I am a bit of a health fanatic, so he was quite apprehensive about suggesting some of his normal chow-down spots for us to get refreshments. You know, the places where "fat is king & lean is mean"? There's a lot of great spots in downtown Chicago to eat (one day I'll have to give you a list of some of my favorites), but finding one that fits with a healthy lifestyle can be a bit challenging at times...unless you know where to look.

We were on foot on Michigan Avenue, which didn't bother me because I used to do that for a living for about five years, but my friend was clearly getting frustrated and after six blocks (downtown Chicago blocks...mind you) he decided he couldn't continue any further. In fact he looked a little winded. He asked me, "Just tonight, why don't you knock off that diet you're on and try some real food so we can find someplace we can both eat?"

My first thought was to become offended at the notion that he starved himself because of me, but then I realized he misunderstood what my lifestyle is all about. He expected me to criticize his less-than-healthy meal plans as we dined. I assured him that I would not do that and I would only focus on conversing with him.

We dined at a very nice steakhouse on Michigan Avenue and he enjoyed both the meal and the conversation. As we left, he apologized for offending me with his assumptions. I responded that I was not offended and that I do eat real food, but it is in line with a specific health and weight objective. He is having a bit of an issue with his weight, so I suggested something for him that helped me out a couple of years ago and I believe it can do the same for you. Check it out.


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