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The Next Best Supplement

This email excerpt came from Tim O of Illinois:

"My sister Loretta and I are debating over the proper substitute for food-based nutrition. We both agree that a vitamin and mineral supplement is the best alternative to replacing nutrients missed in a healthy diet. However, we differ on the correct approach. Vitamin tablets, capsules, gummies or liquid? Which do you think is the best?"

Good question, Tim. Allow me to address this for you....

Most of us know you shouldn't 
substitute food with 
vitamin supplements. However, its becoming more and more apparent that many of the foods we need for essential 

nutrition simply do not measure up. So, if you can't get the 
vitamins and minerals you need where do you turn? 

Vitamin pills and tablets? No, not at all.

(*Remember, you need to detox you body thoroughly for ANY vitamin to work*)

To get the right amount of minerals and nutrients, you’ll need to take vitamin supplements. Supplements have long been the ideal way to supply your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs. Although pill and tablet vitamins can give you what you need, they don’t deliver the vital nutrients your body needs quick enough. Liquid vitamin supplements gets into your bloodstream and your body fast, proving to be effective in a fraction of the time.

About 50% of U.S. citizens utilize some form of vitamin or dietary supplement on a daily basis. However, a significant majority of people are unaware that well over 80% of your required daily dosage of nutrients and minerals are not even in the supplement they're taking. Most cannot even be absorbed by the body.

Many vitamin supplements come in pill form. Tablets
and capsules were once thought to be the only way to get nutritional supplements. 


Those days are over now. 

In general, non-alcohol based liquid vitamin supplements are considered to be more beneficial. This is mostly due to the rapid absorption of liquids into the bloodstream versus tablets and some gelatin-coated capsules. By contrast, there are still a few people who prefer tablets or even "gummy" vitamin supplements.  

(*Remember, you need to detox you body thoroughly for ANY vitamin to work*)

Non-alcohol based liquid vitamins may be the key to 
balancing your diet.

The key reason why liquid vitamin supplements are more beneficial than pills and tablets is due to the characteristics of their liquid base. In liquid form, vitamins are simpler for your body to assimilate and absorb into the digestive system as well. Pills and most chewable vitamins require at least an hour (or more!!) to pass through the physical body in hard form, which make them difficult to digest.

Liquid is absorbed almost instantaneously once it enters your body. As a result, liquid vitamins go through your body quicker and take effect faster. Liquid just happens to be easy to swallow as well, as you can add the liquid vitamin to your favorite juice, water or just drink it by itself.


In the case of chewables, you need to make sure you completely chew up the vitamin. Otherwise, it could remain in hard form until it reaches your digestive system. At that pointyou may as well take the rest of the pills and flush them down the toilet. That is exactly what happens when you take this type of vitamin. Very few (if any) nutrients enter into the bloodstream due to the type of vitamin that was taken. 

Let's face it folks, liquid vitamins ARE more effective than vitamin pills, period

1.)  photo credit: seanduckmusic VITAMINS final 20 via photopin (license)

2.)  photo credit: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Ad for "Vitamin Donut" (FDA 168) via photopin (license)

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