Article Submission Overview

We've decided to dedicate this page to giving you guys an overview of the type of content we want to see here on KurtMIND blog. This page is still being developed as time goes on and as we start to draft an official list of guidelines (still in the works).

First of all, We really do appreciate your desire to add content to our humble blog. It helps us to make the blog more enriching and more interesting as a group of contributors add to its history. 

However, we do need to set up at least one ground rule: 

All informational article 
submissions need to be at least 300-500 words or longer.  

The reason 
is quite simple..quality.

If you cannot get at least eight to ten sentences out of an informative  article submission, then it is not long enough. Think about it for a moment. If your goal is to help your fellow man (or woman) with your writings, you should do your level best to provide them with food for thought that takes longer than 10 seconds to read. There just isn't enough information to glean in a 20-30 word (or less) "submission". 

So please, for the sake of your fellow readers, take the time to actually craft something useful before you hit submit. 

Thank You For Reading, 



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