Beauty Is History (Part Three)

The cosmetics craze continued throughout the centuries into the 1900’s and began to see the earliest of the cosmetics industry being formed.

Mrs. Hemming’s House of Cyclax in London sold many products that you can still buy today from world famous companies like Avon. 


Beauty Is History (Part Two)

Hundreds of years after the Egyptian empire fell, definitions of beauty became re-defined. Ancient middle eastern fashion trends gave way to progressive European styles. Great Britain took over and set the new trends in beauty and style.

The craze all across Europe was a pale skin tone.

(GUEST POST) "Is Your Diet Colorblind? by Lee Dobbins"

Next time you have a meal, look at your plate - what colors do you see?  If its mostly white and brown then your diet might be colorblind!


(IMAGE) "If The Wind Will Not Serve..."

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