(GUEST POST) "A Natural Approach To Managing Acne"

Almost everyone has suffered from acne at one time or another in his or her lives. It is primarily a disorder of the sebaceous gland (glands in the skin that secrete an oily substance) of the face, the neck and back. 

When the sebaceous glands become clogged with the oily substance they create, the accumulation results in pimples. There are several forms of acne, but the most common is acne vulgaris, found primarily in adolescents. 


(GUEST POST) Nutritional Supplements - A Necessary Evil?

I just read an interesting article about all the so-called "Super Foods" that are supposed to help keep you healthy. And I don't disagree. It makes sense that these great foods provide vitamins, antioxidants and other important nutrients.


Beauty Is History (Part Three)

The cosmetics craze continued throughout the centuries into the 1900’s and began to see the earliest of the cosmetics industry being formed.

Mrs. Hemming’s House of Cyclax in London sold many products that you can still buy today from world famous companies like Avon. 


Beauty Is History (Part Two)

Hundreds of years after the Egyptian empire fell, definitions of beauty became re-defined. Ancient middle eastern fashion trends gave way to progressive European styles. Great Britain took over and set the new trends in beauty and style.

The craze all across Europe was a pale skin tone.


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