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What Is Organic Food ? Good Question.....

Organic foods have been a heated topic of discussion for years between both academics & health food enthusiasts alike. I am not here to get into the intricacies of either argument. I will leave that to the appropriate forums dedicated to that type of debate. I simply want to illustrate the benefits of natural, untreated foods. First, a layman's definition of organic food.

Food that's grown or raised without pesticides or chemical fertilizers is termed “organic.” We have a tendency to become so familiar with getting by with foods that have been grown with fertilizers which contain harmful toxins that we have forgotten what it's like to feel really well.

Why else would you choose to eat organic food? We pay a lot in terms of flavor and nutrition to eat perfect-looking food. Yes, some organic food could possibly have an occasional bruise on its flesh, however, so does food that is been sprayed with harmful chemicals. Organic foods are usually fresher and more flavorful. Quite often, they're grown locally, therefore, they haven't been stored long or refrigerated. Consider the distinction in flavor between a vine-ripened tomato and a regular tomato. There is simply no comparison.

The body has to process nearly everything you ingest and eliminate what it cannot digest. If your food contains toxins in the form of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, your body has to figure out a way to eliminate the toxins. When the body cannot get rid of poisons fast enough, it stores them until it's time to eliminate them. This can lead to many health issues.

 Many of the pesticides utilized in farming are found to be carcinogenic. Reducing your exposure to these toxins can improve your health. True, some individuals eliminate toxins well. Still, the body has to expend additional energy to eliminate toxins when it might be doing essential things such as healing damaged cells, fighting off viruses and bacteria, or patrolling the body for cancer cells. Even people who may be able to tolerate or eliminate toxins might feel substantially better without putting these poisons into their bodies.

 If your system is sensitive to toxins, you will be abundantly better off eliminating them from your diet as much as possible. Fortunately, it's easier to try to do this because there's a larger selection of organic produce in local grocery stores or farmer's markets. This is but one step in the process toward living a fuller and healthier life. Try organic foods for yourself and see how much better you will feel.

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