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New Question!!

This week's question comes from a blog reader named "Mr N Freitag". His question (reprinted with poster permission) is: "I am preparing for a trip to Maui, Hawaii in December of this year with my wife to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary (congratulations, Mr. Freitag!!) and I want to look good with my shirt off. I'm not looking to become a body builder, I just want to lose a few pounds before the trip as quickly & as naturally as possible. Any suggestions ?"

There you have it readers, "Mr. N Freitag" wants to impress his spouse on the sandy beaches of Maui, Hawaii with a naturally well-toned body. I'm glad he's being realistic about because no diet can give you instantaneous results, but if it is a well-balanced program, it can produce results.

Remember, there are no wrong answers, we are just pooling opinions* for a solution to the poster. I will give a 72  96 hours window for posted answers to this question. Once again, thank you all for reading and posting!

(*Please keep in mind, I am not a physician, nor do I claim to be. I am only providing my own or some other expert's opinion on the matter. Remember, a trained medical professional should ALWAYS be consulted prior to initiating any alternative therapies. I will only provide answers to weekly questions on the designated day or days of the feature.*)

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2much2much said…
what? no takers? i'm no health expert, but i'm sure a well balanced diet would help.
Kurt M said…
Thanks 2much2much, I was a bit disappointed in not seeing any comments besides yours, but I understand that people have a lot going on in their lives and that health may not be tops on their lists. I am also working on a few things as well and I will be posting about it soon. My answer to this question is forthcoming. Please be patient. Thank you again for posting.

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