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The Basics Series: Part One

Standard Treatment Regimen If you become ill, you'll naturally visit the doctor, get a diagnosis done and be given a prescription. You take the medication as prescribed, and hopefully, you will be cured. If additional symptoms develop, you'll be prescribed medication for those health issues as well. Each symptom gets its own medication and if those symptoms create additional get the idea. This is how modern health care works these days - an endless cycle of diagnosis and prescription. If it were suggested that you simply get garden herbs and roots for medicine, you may dismiss this recommendation as utter rubbish.

Something Else New....

Hello everyone, I hope that you are well and in good spirits. As many of you that regularly read this blog already know, I am constantly looking for ways to enhance your experience while you are visiting.

 Well, I have found yet another way to make your experience even more enjoyable.

The Basics Series Prelude

Hello everyone, I wanted to make an announcement about a new project I have been dedicating a considerable amount of time to recently. Regular readers will no doubt recall my alluding to this in a recent comment I made.

(VIDEO) Stress and Health

Hate stress, but love video games? This video is for you..(be prepared to pause frequently, text goes fast)

For more information on stress relief check out this site.