TERRIFIC Non-Vegan/Non-Vegetarian Restaurants In Chicago

Hello everyone! As I promised you a few weeks ago, I have completed my short list of top non-vegan & non-vegetarian Chicago restaurants. These spots cover a fairly wide range of tastes & cuisines, but they all share on thing in common---quality. Please feel free to comment & share socially with all your family, friends, acquaintances, etc. In no particular order here's my list folks! Explore, share and enjoy!!!

Markethouse (611 N Fairbanks Ct/ 312 224-2200)
The landing page of their website declares "Local Farmers Are Allowed In The Kitchen". This succinct statement gives you an overview of this dining establishment's philosophy regarding quality foods. The environment you will be dining in perfectly blends rustic overtones in a cosmopolitan setting fit for downtown Chicago, but still appropriate for a small village or township. The food is prepared with the utmost care and yet still enough to take home for the next day's lunch.  

Popular Dishes Include: 

"Pei Black Mussels" (served with Vermont woodchuck cider ale, fennel, heirloom apple, and preserved lemon)

"Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout" (smoked Muscovy duck breast, salsify, artichoke barigoule, asparagus, wild rice, cider marine-brown butter vinaigrette )

"Meyer Lemon Pound Cake"

HUB 51  (51 W Hubbard St/ 312 828-0051)

"Our goal for the menu was to create food we like to eat" states co-owner R.J. Melman. He and his brother, Jerrod, set out to create an eclectic dining experience that is not just varied, but also perfectly compliments it fusion-inspired menus. What makes this restaurant unique is the fact that you can easily find diet-friendly (and delicious) meals at any given time of the day.  A definite must-dine recommendation.

Popular Dishes Include:

"Asian Chicken Chopped Salad" (served with peanuts, lemongrass, kaffir lime, and red onion)

"Turkey Stack" (shaved and roasted turkey, avocado, havarti, whole grain mustard, toasted 9-grain bread)

"BBQ Eel Sushi Roll" 

Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread, and Wine (53 E Lake St/ 312 658-1250)

Since 2007, Pastoral Artisan has presented a decidedly European flair to downtown Chicago's    Streeterville community. A commitment to the highest level of quality & service sets this marketplace/bistro/unique dining experience apart from its competitors. Upon visiting its website, one quickly learns that Pastoral Artisan is a complete & self-contained gourmet experience.  

Popular Dishes Include: 

"Salad Provencal" (field greens, marinated white beans, Spanish tuna, red onions, olives & red wine vinaigrette

"Bocadillo De La Mancha" (jamon serrano, manchego cheese, membrillo, whole grain dijon mustard, field greens)

"The Nutty Fig" (local fig and black tea preserve, goat cheese, green apples, house home made almond butter on cracked wheat)      

If you are ever in Chicago and you are looking for some great and unique cuisine check out these fine establishments and try out their dishes. Please don't forget to share this info on the web via the sharing tool to the left or the sharing buttons listed below. 

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