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Cool Historic Photographs

I've got some more historical stuff for you guys to enjoy & ponder. Directly (of course) from StumbleUpon. These are some rare photos compiled from a really cool website called yes emails(dot)com.

 You can see pictures like: "The Beatles" before they became stars, The first commercially-made computer, Google in its early days, and so much more. I stumbled upon it here . Check it out & give me your thoughts on it. 

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To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse...

Russian Nobel Prize Winning Biologist Elie Metchnikoff (1845-1916) is credited with the famous expression "Death Begins In The Colon". 

I couldn't agree more with him. 

Recently, I was asked about the best way to take off the pounds & improve your health overall. There is no easy answer to this question because there are literally thousands (even tens of thousands) of techniques and methods to achieve this goal. I decided to start off with one of the most elementary and ancient techniques available.

Guest Blogger Invite

As you guys already know I've set up a blogging team here on KurtMIND.

The team is comprised of a few folks that are either experts or enthusiasts in the field of alternative health & fitness, business, or any related subjects. Some of our submissions tie directly into the themes here and others may not. The bottom line is: variety. As the saying goes "Variety Is The Spice Of Life". I want you to get a wide spectrum of viewpoints on the very important topics of health and life management. 

The team is currently crafting some very cool articles & presentations that I'm certain you'll be impressed with. 

"10" Is NOT Always Perfect...

Whenever the word "overweight" is used in a conversation (or an article like this one) our minds tend to conjure up images of extremely rotund individuals that may tip scales in excess of 300 pounds or more. 

Or worse, a cartoonish depiction of that same individual.

Both images are stereotypical and clearly do not fit the medical definition of obesity.

5 Sneaky Tips To Fool Your Body Into Exercising

Every year, millions of people commit to losing weight by exercising. Perhaps you've even made a promise to add more exercise into your day. 

Your day-to-day routine may keep you from staying with a program for longer than a few weeks or months. Sometimes you may even get bored with the routines. This can keep you from shedding a single pound and in some cases even cause you to gain additional unwanted weight. 

If you dread the very thought of exercise, take a look at these tips. Time to change tactics this year, time to fool your body into exercise.