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Beauty Is History (Part Two)

Hundreds of years after the Egyptian empire fell, definitions of beauty became re-defined. Ancient middle eastern fashion trends gave way to progressive European styles. Great Britain took over and set the new trends in beauty and style.

The craze all across Europe was a pale skin tone.
Tanned, sun-kissed skin was typically associated with being a commoner who worked out in the field the whole day along with her spouse.

The elite level women obviously would not engage in actual physical labor along those lines and therefore, they remained indoors and typically had pale skin as a result of a lack of sun exposure.   

A pallid appearance (which now indicates poor health) was, at the time, a key indication of immense wealth.

Once you acquired an abundance of wealththen you definitely didn’t need to laborConsequently, a pale skin tone was crucial to many wealthy people. To acquire this appearancea lot of women (FYI, men did this as well) would apply a blend of hydroxide, lead oxide, together with carbonate in a powdered form to paint their faces and (yes) bodies. 


However, this brought about an oftentimes lethal unwanted effectnamely lead poisoning. 

To alleviate this, chemists in the nineteenth century finally stumbled on a combination of zinc oxide that didn’t prevent the skin from having the ability to breathe as well as kept users away from that uncomfortable lead poisoning condition. It performed so well that it is continues to be used in the present day by beauty products producers

In the Edwardian age of London, at the end of the 19th century, "high" society women with a disposable income would throw extravagant gatherings and do a great deal of entertaining friends to showcase their abundance

In the role of hostesses of the social gatheringit was subsequently essential for her to be the best looking lady at the occasiontherefore it was of the utmost importance for them to appear to be the youngest she potentially could.

Ladies in those days who lived these elegant ways of life did not actually eat very healthy, typically did not exercise, and breathed in the significantly impure air that the metropolitan areas of that time period produced.

Anti-wrinkle ointments and face creams were commonly used to help conceal their imperfections.  

They would at the same time visit the local beauty salon. It was slightly different in those days as compared to what it is in the present day. Women might possibly even sneak into the rear of the salons and disguise their faces as they entered.

Discretion was the order of the day for London's female elite class.

Among the most widely known these particular discreet beauty houses was the House of Cyclax (established in 1896), who would sell skin creams and rouges to women.

Mrs. Frances Hemming, who was the proprietor, sold and formulated numerous products and solutions for her desperate clientele who didn’t want anyone at all to recognize that they were aging.

There's more to this tale to come. Check out my next chapter coming out soon. In the meantime, check out part one again to get up to speed.

1.) photo credit: Gothic theme with Kylie via photopin (license)

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