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Better Late Than Never....

Alright, I see that this posted question didn't get much response. No problem. I've been a bit busy at work on a new project that I plan to unveil to you in the near future. At any rate, I wanted to provide a posted answer to Mr. Freitag's inquiry about looking good shirtless.

Depending on numerous health factors and related weight issues, a good program to get the desired effects has to encompass not only a balanced meal plan but also a solid work out regimen as well. There are of course, a lot of options out there for people to choose from and no doubt you may be able to name a few dozen at will. Here are a few tips for you:

  • For natural weight loss, I would recommend initiating the elimination of body toxins first. A good fiber-rich program that is designed to provide a gradual weight loss while cleansing your colon. You can get results in a relatively short period of time. 
  • A good diet plan is a little tougher to come by because many of these programs only address a single aspect of health maintenance (carbohydrate control, fat loss, muscle building, etc). To achieve the desired effect of a lean body it would be advisable to get on a meal plan that provides all the needed nutrients, proteins, and good carbohydrates in each meal throughout the day (multiple small meals laden with nutrition are advised).
  • A work out that addresses cardiovascular as well as muscle-building with a special emphasis on upper body development and fat-burning effects. Moderate weight training would be beneficial for the desired "chiseled" look as well. Heavier weights are good for building muscle mass. Remember, the more reps you do, the more definition your muscles will have. As with any work out, your water intake needs to be adjusted accordingly as you perspire.

Using these steps are key to the overall goal of a solid, yet chiseled frame & a healthier outlook as a whole. Remember, your health IS your wealth!

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2much2much said…
That is a pretty good list of suggestions for Mr Freitag. I probably would also include juicing as well to help lose weight and to detoxify the body as a whole. I know you said you are NOT a doctor. Are you a med student?
Kurt M said…
Thank you so much for commenting 2much2much & germayn. I cannot believe I forgot to add juicing as part of Mr Freitag's suggested fitness regimen. Thanks for the reminder. You are correct, I am NOT a doctor....nor am I a med student. Thank you both again for commenting!

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